-We are about this life-

We are two sisters who live in different states, New York and Florida. Our blog name comes from the common phrase “its like apples and oranges” used when comparing two different yet similar things (like the both of us). It just so happened that Gwen lives in the big apple and Ari in FL known for its oranges! We both share a love for all things fashion & beauty related and love being able to stay connected to each other as siblings through this medium of the social media realm.

Gwendolyn “Gwen” is a total typical NYC gal making her way through the crazy maze that is the city and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This 34 year old is all about running around town just to find that one (or in many cases more than one) must have item. Her more laid back casual yet chic style is very much influenced by always wanting to be comfortable yet displaying a clean and polished look.


Ariadna Ari for short is 30 years old living in central Florida. Having lived in the sunshine state for so long now she still incorporates some of her NY influences as well as her own take on the trends that suit her. Her eclectic style and love for all things girly set her apart from the mundane small town life where she currently rests her head (or her heels).

Despite the distance we still share the same passion for clothes, beauty products, accessories, glitz and fun!

For business inquiries: Ari & Gwen

IG- @itsapplesandorangesblog
Twitter- @_ari_pena , @gwendi3

Pinterest- itsapplnoranges

4 thoughts on “-We are about this life-

  1. Hi girls, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can read more about how it works on my blog xoxo!

    • Thanks for the nomination! So sorry we are super late on this response we didn’t have much access to wifi abroad. We did this post once before for Liebster but might just re do it since its been a while. Thank you so much!

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