Christmas Guide 2018

Hey everyone! We know what you’re thinking, where have Ari and Gwen been all this time? Well, we are in the process of going in a different direction with our blog. We plan to have settled on our changes by January so stay tuned for a new us!

Anyways back to this Christmas Guide. We’ve put together a little list of things we feel would be good gifts for Christmas (and some items we would surely be happy to see under our Christmas tree 🙈). We chose items between $10 to $120 so there’s something in there for every budget. From the makeup lover to the gold accessory enthusiast or the faux fur fanatic we’ve got you covered!

Now of course the holiday season isn’t really about gifts but cherishing the time we spend with those we love the most. Being able to put a smile on someone’s face is always so rewarding so we hope you enjoy a few “wants” that could possible do that for someone. Let’s jump in!


– Madewell Chunky hoops $28 (come in small and medium sizes also)

– Lancôme Monsieur Big mascara set $20

– Organic Olivia Herbal Tinctures $26.95 each (provided link for one of them)

– Casio Gold Watch $36.99

– Faux Fur Earmuffs $34.50 ( 50% off with code GIFTS)

– Pat McGrath Mini Lipstick Trio $25

– Hand Catch-all Dish $16

– Hum Nutrition Killer Nails $10

– Florence Welch ” Useless Magic” Lyrics & Poetry $23.79

– J Crew Pom Pom beanie $39.50 (35% off with code WINTERSALE)


– Maison Margiela Replica Candle in Jazz Club $62

– Urbanears Wireless Headphones $99

– Coach Card Case $75

– Asos Faux Fur Coat $94.50 (linked a similar cost because original one’s price went up)

– Clean Reserve Sel Santal Perfume $95

– Agentnateur Holi Oil Serum $120

And there you have it! Comment down below if you purchase any of the items we linked.

We hope you all enjoy this holiday season!

xx, Gwen & Ari

A New Day- Target Pink Suit Realness + Tata’s


All things considered, some may say going to Target is a problematic addiction. You say “problem” I say “Give me all the things now!”. Admitting is usually the first step, so here goes – Target has some of the best collaborations out right now and I’m not mad about it! This includes Who What Wear and A New Day to name a few. They have been curating pieces and pumping out some magic that has had us all googly eyed for months now. For today’s post I (Ari) am discussing a versatile look . This incredible pink blazer and trouser set is perfectly suited for all different occasions. Worn on my Moms B -day with nude high heeled sandals and a cheeky boob print crop top from mystique boutique in Soho NYC, it sure was a standout look. Target is ever so surely starting to evolve and incorporate these beautiful and affordable styling elements we want. It can be worn together as a suit or separated for versatile looks for the office and real life. If you are like me and are in the market for clothing that is easier to transition between different facets of life this is the suit for you! I’ve left some links below! Go from the boardroom (paired with other muted colors and sticking to one piece) to brunch or even a date


Similar Blazer

Similar Trousers

Exact Trousers from Target on Clearance!- Plus Size

Similar Blazer

Similar Skirt Suit

Similar Skinny Trousers


Asos Fashion Union-One Shoulder Jumpsuit

Admitting a problem is usually the first step, so here goes – It has a been a long time since the last post! We are guilty of having been more active on instagram (which if you aren’t following us HERE is the link). It has led us a little astray from our first love! With that being said we will consciously make an effort to incorporate more in depth posts considering IG can only do so much. For today’s post I (Ari) am incorporating a look my sister photographed while she was visiting us in the city of Winter Park. This quaint town is super chic and IG worthy every corner you turn. I am wearing this incredible one shoulder checkered jumpsuit from non other than-you guessed it, ASOS. Not much has changed around here if you are an avid follower. ASOS just suits my personal style as its constantly evolving with me and you cant beat the styling and creativity of the site. I digress. The jumpsuit features a checkered pattern perfect for mixing textures, wrap front, side pockets and side zip closure. It can be worn as is in the warmer temps or over a turtle neck and boots for the colder months. If you are like me and are in the market for clothing that is easier to transition between different facets of life this is the jumpsuit for you! I’ve left some links below! Go from the boardroom (with a sweater under) to brunch or even a date.

If you are ever in the neighborhood check out the restaurant Briarpatch which is where we had breakfast and order the raspberry and brie french toast!


Jumpsuit & Shoe options-Here,HereHere, Here, Shoes ,Here



Ari’s take on Cuba


IMG_7685IMG_4473IMG_7869Cuba, Cuba, Cuba…what can I say? I had an amazing time! Despite some hiccups along the way (which ill get to in a second) I still feel as though I had a very enriching experience. Cuba is a place where you can experience so many life changing events and come away feeling like you’ve grown/progressed in your human journey. My friends and I tried our best to see the good, bad and interesting sides that Havana had to offer. Below are some of my thoughts.


El Malecon- Pier overlooking the water. Locals go here to hang out, fish and enjoy some one on one time with mother nature. Here is also where we witnessed a local “carnival” – a local parade that consisted of dancing, drinking and eating.

Sarao- Bar/Club that caters to tourists alike. The music catered to a wide variety but did have a lot of top 40. This place was classy, vibrant and overall a good time. We wish we would have gone to a local salsa club but there just wasn’t enough time!

Varadero– Beach town located about 2 hours away from Havana. Our airbnb helped arrange a trip there with a taxi but there are also way cheaper alternatives with bus routes that also offer rides there. We opted for convenience and being driven there provided for a much more comfortable experience.

Cañonaso– We didn’t get to actually see this but we hear it’s a must when in Havana. Individuals dressed in old fashioned military uniforms sound off a cannon nightly, get there early since it does finish quickly!

Fabrica de Arté– Cute hipster art factory that houses local artisans as well as small bites to eat.



El Cocinero- Great restaurant right next to the fabrica. Since it does cater more so to tourist it does get packed, good thing is you can make a reservation online early!

Patio Amarillo- I unfortunately would not waste my time on the food. The drinks however were cheap and tasty.

Nare– Best local food we had! This place was filled with live music, and great food choices at decent prices/ portions.

I would recommend trying your best to eat and find locally owned restaurants which they call Paladares. These tend to be more well kept and the quality of the food is better (in my personal opinion).




Everyone is one! Literally. If you stand on the curb and stick your hand out (a la New York style) a taxi will stop momentarily and take you where you need to go. Make sure you bargain/hustle. The cheapest we paid was $5 CUC where as the most expensive was $10.


If you wish to get a sense of what the real Cuba is like (as we did) then airbnb is definitely the way to go. We stayed in one that was very cozy and accommodating in central Havana. Keep in mind, if you are not familiar or have never seen a poor nation then you may be in for a surprise. The streets are not in the greatest conditions to say the least. With this being said we did not feel unsafe here at all.


Lastly if you are three females traveling alone (might I say also very cute) you will most certainly encounter men of all ages approaching you and cat calling you. Although I have encountered that on various levels throughout my life, nothing at all like what we experienced in Cuba. It was almost comical, people shouting from the literal rooftops or from blocks away. Chasing us down, etc. you get the point. They want to talk to you, and its important to use your judgment to determine whether its harmless or if in fact you could turn the situation into a plus for you (this is how we got a lot of recommendations and or directions). Be alert and vigilant and just know that it is going to happen but mostly they say it’s a part of the culture and that Cubans love it (which we did not see anything to negate this).


All in all, we had a great experience because we went there with an open mind and were already previously aware of some of the limitations we might encounter. All of us spoke Spanish and although we were able to maneuver this great city we still struggled with accessing some basic necessities. Cuba makes you think/perceive things in a totally new way. Not being able to rely on our phones made us tap into our intuitive side and opened us up to new experiences that we may have never had in another country and or place. The most important thing when visiting Cuba is to keep an open mind, be vigilant, embrace the culture/people and have fun!



Vanity Planet Rejuvenating Scalp Massager

So I must admit, I can be easily convinced to buy things especially when you use key words like “rejuvenating and aids with hair growth”. SOLD! When I purchased the groove scalp massager from Vanity Planet I really had no idea what to expect. I’ve known for ages now that scalp massages help with blood flow to your scalp which can promote hair growth but who has the time and finger strength to do that every day? Laziness aside, this just wasn’t something I was doing on a frequent enough basis to make a difference in my hair. Along came this handy tool! It is relaxing and cuts out the work for you while speeding up the time frame in which it gets done. I have used it to shampoo/co wash my hair to really help eliminate dandruff and built up product. This baby can go right in the shower and while I wouldn’t dunk it in the water since its battery operated, the site does mention that it is water resistant. I’ve also used it in conjunction with oil masks. I pile on some of my favorite hair oils and help them penetrate by using the massager. You could even use it just for fun to relax. The only con I would say is that sometimes the vibrations feel very strong on my hand and they feel tingly. Switching hands or using a barrier (like a cloth) to hold the handle eliminates this issue for me. I don’t mind having to do that because I know that means the bristles are working hard! Speaking of the bristles they are a rubber like flexible material and don’t get snagged or tangled up in my curly hair which is a must. All in all I would highly recommend this to anyone who is lazy like me but still wants to incorporate scalp massages in their beauty routine. Link to item down below!



Groove Rejuvenating Scalp Massager



Cult Gaia Ark Bag

Here you have it ladies, this season’s hottest “it” bag! I, much like everyone else on the internet was struck by this beautifully unique hand crafted bag from the moment I first saw it on social media. Not only does it have a unique shape, but the bamboo material makes for a timeless heirloom piece that will be sure to live in your closet forever. Created in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, Cult Gaia’s vision is to create pieces that resemble art and can stand the test of time. I received this bag as an “early birthday” gift from my sister/co blogger (our birthdays are both in August) and I couldn’t be happier/more paranoid about this beautiful item she bestowed onto me. Firstly, I received the smaller size that measures 11″ x 8″ x 3″. I personally think this size suits my small frame better than the larger one and gives me a much needed reason to downsize all of the crap I lug around all day in a huge purse. I am comfortable putting a small card wallet, my phone and perhaps a very small pouch with room for lipstick and one other beauty item to touch up. A couple of other smaller items will indeed fit but here is where the paranoid part kicks in, I’m afraid to break the precious intricately woven wood with too much crap. This bag will be my highly coveted baby for years to come. Huge thanks to my sister for buying it for me and to the brand for creating such a lovely piece to add to my collection!

I styled this piece with an all-black ensemble so as to let the bag have its own moment. The bell sleeve black top is from ASOS and the high waist wide leg trousers are from the brand French connection that I scored at Marshalls. I also brought out my high key sunnies from the DesixQuay Collection and let me tell you, I may have to buy another back up pair (that’s how good they are!). Links to items down below!

Cult Gaia Ark Bag- Natural
Desi Perkins X Quay Australia- High Key Fades
Similar Top
Similar Pants- Here,Here

#MaxxLife Summer Jumpsuit

Here my friends is the beloved skort hybrid coming back in the chic-est way possible! I scored this striped jumpsuit at TJMAXX (from the brand Papaya) and not only it is right on trend for the summer season, but couldn’t be any easier to throw on! As some of you may know I personally love the versatility of jumpsuits seeing as they can go from day to evening seamlessly and I don’t have to put much thought process into pairing multiple items. The light weight flowy chiffon like material glides along the floor, the sexy back cut-out along with the deep V-neck make for a sizzling summer look. This jumpsuit can be worn to the farmers market paired with casual mules as I did, or made edgier with caged booties for a night out. For the ladies who are afraid to wear low cut clothing due to a larger chest region, don’t be! Items like this are also for us and if the low neck may be too much for some it can always be paired with a nice camisole underneath for some modesty.


Forever 21 Mules- HERE

Similar Jumpsuits- Here, Here, Here, Here


Trend Alert- Velvet Pleats

Hey everyone! Since we’ve last posted, so many things are up and coming in our lives. Summer is right around the corner and we cannot wait for the vacations and good times to start rolling. Planning for such events becomes so much easier when you invest in great pieces that you can throw on in a pinch. Hence, this stunning dress! Velvet and pleats, two seemingly hard to pull off trends (at least for my body type) and yet here we are with the perfect dress incorporating both! This dress is from ASOS and I have been wearing it non-stop since I purchased it. It’s very stretchy and although made of a normally heavy material it still feels lightweight on. With an open shoulder cut that is right on trend for this season anyone is sure to turn heads in this unique stunner. I paired it with my Forever 21 mustard mules (that I also cannot seem to take off) for a whimsical and colorful summer vibe. Check out the pics below for some inspo and as always link down below.

What are some trends that you aren’t trying out of fear they may not suit you? Go out there and give them a shot!


ASOS Petite Velvet Dress

Forever 21 Mustard Mules


Cold Shoulder Vibes

It’s been such a long time since an actual post was written on this platform! If you guys haven’t been keeping up with us on social media, well why aren’t you? We are always talking about the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty over on itsapplesandorangesblog Instagram page. Taking a cue from a classic play book I thought I would bring it back to what I know and what I am good at for this post. I love a sexy yet classic silhouette that can be worn many different ways for various functions. This ASOS cold shoulder kimono tie pencil dress is literal perfection. The dark emerald green color and thick material make it a staple fall transitional item (although you can break the rules and wear it whenever like I do). It can even be worn with a turtle neck underneath for a chic office look. It is fully lined and hugs the body close for a structural heavenly look! I paired it with nude suede pumps from BCBG via Marshalls, an older H&M mixed metals clutch and a jacquard old navy blazer. Day or night, this little number is sure to leave an impression. Check out the link!

Do you like wearing darker “fall” tones in the off seasons? Sound off below!


ASOS Cold Shoulder Kimono Tie Pencil Dress


Street Style Layers

When it comes to layering, let’s face it the colder it gets the less you care about the actual pieces you’re throwing on. On days like this style takes a back seat and your left with an outfit more so resembling the abominable snow man than an actual look. Thankfully it never gets that cold in central Florida! On this chilly day I wore this amazing jumpsuit/onesie purchased from ASOS from the brand Missguided. Equipped with grey striped detailing, long sleeves and a super functional turtle neck collar its perfect for these Florida versions of cold days. I paired it with my army fatigue anorak and my Nike Theas for a pop of color. This outfit is street style meets comfort and warmth all in one! Links and details down below. Let us know, what is your favorite way to layer during those in between months? Comment below!


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