Street Style Layers

When it comes to layering, let’s face it the colder it gets the less you care about the actual pieces you’re throwing on. On days like this style takes a back seat and your left with an outfit more so resembling the abominable snow man than an actual look. Thankfully it never gets that cold in central Florida! On this chilly day I wore this amazing jumpsuit/onesie purchased from ASOS from the brand Missguided. Equipped with grey striped detailing, long sleeves and a super functional turtle neck collar its perfect for these Florida versions of cold days. I paired it with my army fatigue anorak and my Nike Theas for a pop of color. This outfit is street style meets comfort and warmth all in one! Links and details down below. Let us know, what is your favorite way to layer during those in between months? Comment below!


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Twitter Fingers

Now although we don’t condone bullying or violence, this epic line from the 2015 Drake hit “Back to Back” stands alone as a clever jab in the now infamous Meek Mill feud. When I saw this genius t-shirt on ASOS I knew that it had to be mine. I love a crisp white shirt with black lettering (as Ive featured many here before) because It can be paired with so many items and are a cool way to incorporate some humor and or fun into your wardrobe. You can rock this t-shirt in a sporty casual capacity as I did with sweat pants, Nike roshe run sneakers, and a vans beanie for a pop of color. Another cool way would be with dark jeans, heels and a sharp blazer for a smarter look. This look is youthful, fun and perfect for those off days where you just want to relax. Links to exact items down below!





Twitter Fingers Asos T-Shirt

Vans Beanie


We are the champions…

As of lately I find myself leaning towards more androgynous or sporty looks. Though this may be a hindrance in the love life department, it is comfortable and very on trend. You can choose to go all out or just incorporate some sporty items in small doses in each outfit. Whether it be a great pair of sneakers or an oversized hoodie, this look is perfect for the colder temperatures and I love pairing it with ultra-sleek hair, a face beat for the gods and one feminine item (just to really distinguish myself from the boys). In this look I am rocking a champion brand t-shirt exclusive to ASOS. It is a size XS from the men’s section and fits great. I paired it with my h&m boyfriend jeans, timberlands and my go to trench jacket for a small cinch at the waist and hint at femininity. This look may not be for everyone and you could easily swap out the timberlands for booties or wear a skinnier jean depending on your comfort level. Links to items below!






Champion T-Shirt- Exclusive to ASOS




Nike Leisure Wear OOTD

Random fact about me: I am not into theme parks! I know it sounds preposterous considering I live in close proximity to all things magical at Disney and Universal but nothing about it appeals to me. I get sick on most rides and am apparently a bit afraid of heights (never really knew this until my trip to Spain going up the mountain Montjuic a couple of months ago). I was invited this past weekend to Busch Gardens in Tampa and to appease my family I went. I opted for my new favorite work out Nike capris purchased at TJMAXX, a white t-shirt and my old air max sneakers that would keep me comfortable and cool. The sporty athletic leisure look is cohesive with the ever popular 90’s resurgence and also plays up androgynous sex appeal in a woman. I’ve actually been complimented more by men wearing sport clothes then my normal attire. Next time ( if there is a next time) I would probably go for a wife beater or racer back to avoid ugly tan lines and also in a slightly darker color considering I got soaked in a water ride and gave the kids a show. Free wet t-shirt contest anyone? I ended up having a lovely day and enjoyed viewing the animals and spending time with family. Links to similar items below!

Men’s White Crew Neck T-Shirt- Literally anywhere! Walmart, Target etc

Nike Capris

Nike Air max

XoXo- Ari

Nixon- “The Dash” Watch …Old Season’s Treasure!

I rarely like to shop at stores like ROSS just due to the sheer amount of unorganization and things to look at. I usually much prefer TJMAXX since Ive found that it has higher quality finds and more fluidity to the store. However, this week I was extremely bored and decided to pop in a ROSS store after not having any luck at Target or Old Navy in my favorite plaza. To my surprise I found this awesome NIXON digital watch on sale for $22.00! I almost nearly knocked over the entire counter with my excitement. Not only will it make a cute summer statement piece (with its casual rubber band) but you also cannot beat the price for a quality authentic watch. You can throw it on with some cute stackable pieces to create fun “arm candy” or leave it alone for a more sporty casual look. According to my research “The Dash” digital watch is from a couple seasons ago (roughly Spring 2011) but nontheless I am ecstatic to add it to my collection.

It is still available online on places like amazon, ebay and shopnbc

"The Dash" Digital Rubber Watch - Nixon, Assorted Colors

“The Dash” Digital Rubber Watch – Nixon, Assorted Colors

Displays Time & Date (not set in photo)

Displays Time & Date
(not set in photo)

Set it and Forget it!

Set it and Forget it!

Assorted Colors on Amazon

Pink version on ShopNBC

Or check out your local neighborhood stores like ROSS. You may be surprised at what you find!