Nike Leisure Wear OOTD

Random fact about me: I am not into theme parks! I know it sounds preposterous considering I live in close proximity to all things magical at Disney and Universal but nothing about it appeals to me. I get sick on most rides and am apparently a bit afraid of heights (never really knew this until my trip to Spain going up the mountain Montjuic a couple of months ago). I was invited this past weekend to Busch Gardens in Tampa and to appease my family I went. I opted for my new favorite work out Nike capris purchased at TJMAXX, a white t-shirt and my old air max sneakers that would keep me comfortable and cool. The sporty athletic leisure look is cohesive with the ever popular 90’s resurgence and also plays up androgynous sex appeal in a woman. I’ve actually been complimented more by men wearing sport clothes then my normal attire. Next time ( if there is a next time) I would probably go for a wife beater or racer back to avoid ugly tan lines and also in a slightly darker color considering I got soaked in a water ride and gave the kids a show. Free wet t-shirt contest anyone? I ended up having a lovely day and enjoyed viewing the animals and spending time with family. Links to similar items below!

Men’s White Crew Neck T-Shirt- Literally anywhere! Walmart, Target etc

Nike Capris

Nike Air max

XoXo- Ari

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