Nixon- “The Dash” Watch …Old Season’s Treasure!

I rarely like to shop at stores like ROSS just due to the sheer amount of unorganization and things to look at. I usually much prefer TJMAXX since Ive found that it has higher quality finds and more fluidity to the store. However, this week I was extremely bored and decided to pop in a ROSS store after not having any luck at Target or Old Navy in my favorite plaza. To my surprise I found this awesome NIXON digital watch on sale for $22.00! I almost nearly knocked over the entire counter with my excitement. Not only will it make a cute summer statement piece (with its casual rubber band) but you also cannot beat the price for a quality authentic watch. You can throw it on with some cute stackable pieces to create fun “arm candy” or leave it alone for a more sporty casual look. According to my research “The Dash” digital watch is from a couple seasons ago (roughly Spring 2011) but nontheless I am ecstatic to add it to my collection.

It is still available online on places like amazon, ebay and shopnbc

"The Dash" Digital Rubber Watch - Nixon, Assorted Colors

“The Dash” Digital Rubber Watch – Nixon, Assorted Colors

Displays Time & Date (not set in photo)

Displays Time & Date
(not set in photo)

Set it and Forget it!

Set it and Forget it!

Assorted Colors on Amazon

Pink version on ShopNBC

Or check out your local neighborhood stores like ROSS. You may be surprised at what you find!