Nightly skincare routine.

I have a serious question for everyone. How difficult is it to get up from your amazingly comfortable bed after a long hard day to cleanse your face? I can only speak for myself when I say (while letting out a huge sigh) EXTREMELY! We all know how important is it to maintain our skin looking and feeling as youthful as possible so, I found a little trick which works for me when I’m having a lazy night. I like to keep makeup removing wipes in my night stand drawer, all I have to do is literally stretch my hand out, open the drawer and in less than a minute I am wiping my face. I personally like the Neutrogena makeup removing wipes. It removes the dirt, makeup and oils accumulated on my face during the day and I can go to bed in peace.

Now for my actual nightly routine:
I have recently started using the Cetaphil and I love it, it gives me such a squeaky clean feeling.
I then use the Seaweed clarifying toner from The Body Shop to remove anything my cleanser might have left behind.
And lastly I apply my philosophy Hope in a jar moisturizer which really hydrates and gives my skin a smooth finish.

What’s your night time skin routine?

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