These are the “Unidays” of our lives…..

I discovered a while back on one of my many restless nights spent scouring the internet for the latest styles. I think the search term used may have been something to the effect of “most awesome coolest clothing store ever” and voila! Ok so it may not have exactly gone down that way, but asos is definitely high up on the list of my favorite online shopping sites. With an array of cool and cultivated european inspired looks, I know I can definitely count on asos to have brands that I love and new trends to watch for. With this being said, I can’t always afford my favorite online experience! Of course I have snagged awesome sales and great deals on accessories and jewlery, but lets face it folks great fashion often comes at a price. In comes Unidays! Unidays is this awesome program I discoverd through asos that lets you as a college student receive 10% off all year long on all asos items. They even sprinkle in occasional 25% discounts throughout the year and give you $ for each referral and friend you get to sign up. It’s totally free of cost to join and once you register and verify your student status you get your own personal promo code that you can use multiple times to get your discount, forever! I personally think asos is in on this early and we will be seeing a lot more businesses jump on the Unidays bandwagon. Surely everyone wants to target our bracket (young hip cool college kids) and what better way to do so then by hooking us up! Follow both Unidays & ASOS on Facebook and twitter to get the details on discounts, promotions and giveaways.

Here are some of the current items in my “saved” list that I will be using my discount on!

Rosette Turban $20.36

Rosette Turban $20.36

Cheap Monday Sweatpants- $67.88

Cheap Monday Sweatpants- $67.88

Sheer Stripe Sock $6.79

Sheer Stripe Sock $6.79

Cold Shoulder Dress w/ Bowie Print $42.43

Cold Shoulder Dress w/ Bowie Print $42.43 -Make sure to check out my unique link in order to sign up and be referred through me!



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