What’s In a Face?

I have recently become obsessed with facial masks! Not your average slumber party past time anymore, mask are fun and relaxing ways to get pampering and indulgence. My face has been breaking out lately due to stress and other unknown factors ( possibly a sister connection since gwen’s face was acting up not so long ago) so I have invested in some extra perks (on top of my normal skincare routine) to switch things up. First up is Freemans Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask, Freeman is a trusted brand (at least in my household) and has never disspointed. This masks is supposed to nourish and purify your face at the same time, its perfect for normal to combination skin (may be too drying/stripping for sensitive skin). You simply apply it liberally to your face and neck avoiding contact with the eyes and mouth and let it dry. In using this product it doesnt take long at all to dry and my face feel nice and taught (I like the tightness while its on it somehow makes me feel like its working more). After scrubbing it off with my fingers you can see the difference in my pores and my face feels extremely clean and purged.This mask is best done before bed followed up with a night cream since it is a bit drying.


Next up is also by freeman and it is the acai facial purifiying clay mask. It is obviously comparable to the former because its the same brand and also meant to cleanse and nourish. However this one is travel size (always my favorite on the go) and the ingredients help fight free radicals in the air, helping to neutralize the damage the environment does to ones skin. It is also perfect for all skin types as its not as drying as the avocado and oatmeal.


Lastly is the newest discovery at target. The line is called “The Masque Bar” and it is by Look Beauty. I wanted to buy all of them and give them a go but I decided to first start off the pore refining creme mask. It comes with 4 mask satchets and it is supposed to minimize the appearance of pores and make your skin feel and look smoother and radiant. Cleanse your face with plain water and then leave it wet, apply the masks liberally to your face also avoiding eyes and lips. Upon using this for the first time I immediately notice the creamy consistency. It glides on much smoother than the freeman brand and feels silky against my skin. The only downside was the wait time for this to dry, I waited 20 min and my face still had some wet spots! This might have been due to me laying it on thick so I will try thinner layers with the next satchet I open. I washed it off since it was already way past my bed time, and my face felt amazing! I didnt have to follow up with a thick cream because my face wasnt dried or tight. I definitely will be trying the other masque that Look Beauty has to offer at Target!


And so you have it folks. Do one thing for yourself everyday, even its its something as simple as giving your face a little TLC.

Getting bed-time beautified!

Getting bed-time beautified!


Mask Bar Pore Refining Creme

Freeman Acai Facial Clay Mask

Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Mask

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