Shea Moisture

Coconut and Hibiscus body butter, dry oil mist and hand & body scrub.

Coconut and Hibiscus body butter, dry oil mist and hand & body scrub.

For the last month or so I have been using these three Shea Moisture products and I can’t say enough good things about each of them. Shea Moisture’s products contain naturally certified organic ingredients, they also take pride in not adding any potentially harmful chemicals such as parabens, paraffin, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrance, petrolatum and lastly it is not tested on animals.
The Coconut & Hibiscus collection blends an exotic mix of fruit and floral ingredients giving this line the perfect summer island feel. I love anything coconut, so it was ultimately love at first sight. This specific line is said to help remedy some of the most common beauty woes such as dry skin and discoloration. The coconut oil penetrates into the skin leaving it deeply moisturized while the hibiscus flower brightens and tones your complexion. They also have a hair care line (I believe Ari has reviewed some of their products).
How to use:
First use the hand and body scrub all over my body while in the shower (Tip: exfoliating your legs before shaving leaves them feeling extra smooth)
Second I mix a quarter sized amount of the body butter with 2-3 spritz of the dry oil mix together and rub all over my legs, knees, arms pretty much everywhere.
* You do not have to mix the body butter and oil together it’s just my personal preference. The oil on its own leaves an amazing sheen on your body, perfect for a sexy night out. The body butter is thick an creamy leaving your body feeling silky smooth.
By using these three products my skin is left with an abundance of moisture and smelling like a delicious coconut drink.

These products are sold directly on Shea Moisture’s website or your local Target and Drugstore will carry them.

Links to Products:
Body Butter
Hand & Body Scrub
Dry Oil Mist

Happy Summer,

2 thoughts on “Shea Moisture

  1. Shea Moisture are the best products hands down. I actually never tried their body products but I use their hair stuff for curls. I do not use anything else for my hair since I discovered Shea Moisture. I can’t say enough good things about them.

    • Totally agree! I purchased a small sized curl smoothie soufflĂ© and I have to say I might just go and get the big one soon. Their skin products are equally as good. Thanks for commenting Its nice to hear other people’s thoughts.

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