Josie Maran -Argan Hand Healers

I don’t believe there is a need for any introductions to Josie Maran and how amazing her entire line is. Featured on the blog so many times before, they are go-to products that get the job done. The job in this case being dry chapped hands! With the colder weather comes overall dry skin and your hands are no exception. Keeping in mind, hands can often tell a persons true age we want to keep them as soft and supple as possible! I picked this small kit up on during their Black Friday sale and am once again thoroughly impressed. The lotion is thick, incredibly creamy and smells delicious! It went on my hands like butter and quickly removed the dry feeling. The nail polish remover pads are an added bonus for those quick touch ups/removals on the go. It is said these won’t damage your nail bed and also provide some moisture for your cuticles. I don’t necessarily think it smells like lavender as advertised but it does not have a strong acetone scent either. All in all I’m excited to keep pampering my hands and overall take better care of my body this winter. Links down below!                       image image image image

Bear Naked Nail Wipes

Argan Intensive Hand Cream



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