Sephora Collection Face Mask

Sephora never dissapoints in the skin care department and this face mask collection is no exception! These exclusive masks come in handy when you are in a bind and are compact and slim to fit anywhere. You can get the at home pampering experience on the go, or actually use it at home. Each of the 8 different types serve different purposes. From moisturizing, brightening, anti aging, soothing, energizing and anti blemish any one of your skin needs can be met by one of these awesome sheet mask. Just unfold it from its pacakaging, place on your face and after 15 minutues remove it. You can then gently massage the excess product into the skin and their is no need to rinse! Pefect for planes or long car rides (where you are not driving of course). Pictured below are the two that Ive tried. I enjoy the scent of both, and like how my face feels tighetend and supple afterwards. I am definitely going to be testing these out more extensively on my upcoming long flight to visit Gwen in London!



The best part is they are only $6.00 each! Make sure to pick one up on your next trip to Sephora.


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