The Backpack

Is everyone totally on board with the backpack look? It seems to be one of those trendy pieces that takes a while to grow on some people. Although I am unsure of when it became cool again to rock backpacks I am certainly digging it! A hands free way of lugging around all of your possessions without sacrificing the aesthetic of a handbag is just pure genius! I figured with all of the walking around I’ve been doing in London I needed a stylish yet easy bag to wear while perusing through markets over the weekends (My favorite thing to do). So I went over to and saw this faux fur backpack which I fell in love with! It has easily become my new best friend! I love how roomy and easy to carry it is. The faux fur also adds a nice touch to a mostly plain drawstring backpack (or rug sack? living in London has made me question every word that comes out of my mouth). Check out this bad-boy I picked up below as well as some other low & high end options for the spring time.




xx Gwen

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