Time for another Giveaway!!! 

Here we are with yet again another milestone! We now have 300 followers and counting! Super exciting! To those who are new to our blog we host mini giveaways every so often to show our appreciation to you all who support us. 

On with the fun part (the actual prize). One lucky winner will receive some of Gwen’s current favorites at the moment. A deluxe sample of Liz Earlie’s cleanse and polish hot cloth face cleanser along with a mini sized Soap and Glory hand lotion and body scrub. I have been absolutely loving these three items  and I am hoping you will too! 


Now here’s how to enter: 

Comment on the photo posted on our Instagram (@itsapplesandorangesblog) stating where you live, your must have skin/body care item and why you would like to win this prize. This will ensure entry in the giveaway, which will be open for 5 days. We will then choose the winner through a raffle generator which will be announced on Instagram Monday June 1st!

Our giveaways have normally been held in the U.S, but since I (Gwen)  am in the U.K we figured we would open it up to anyone living in Europe this time. (Sorry to my American babes we need to give other countries a turn) 

What are you waiting for? Get to commenting! 

xx Gwen 

Mini Lush Haul

This weekend was full of last minute shopping for me, (34th street is not the place to be a few days before Christmas). On my way to the train station I realized a Lush store had opened up, well you can all imagine my excitement as I rushed in to see what goodies I could find.


Ocean salt face and body scrub is my ultimate favorite! This is the third time I’ve picked up this product it’s one of my go to staples! The sea salt buffs away the dirt and dead skin while the avocado and coconut are great for hydrating. Lastly lime and vodka add the toning and deep cleaning component leaving you with fresh and bright skin. Although it is on the pricier side this scrub in my opinion is worth every penny!

Shoot for the stars Bath Bomb is a holiday edition that will begin disbursing various colors once popped into your bath leaving behind a night time silver luster and a soft honey toffee scent, sounds heavenly!

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar is also a holiday edition bar made of ylang ylang and jasmine absolute perfect for evening relaxation!

I have never tried any bath bombs or bubble bars and I must say I am ridiculously excited. Once I arrive to Florida I will be popping these in my moms jacuzzi. Hopefully Ari won’t get too jealous.

Have any other Lush recommendations? Leave them down below!

– Gwen

Daily face routine….hidden product fiend!

The way I see it, if your not combatting acne, aging and stress signs then they are winning (and Im not going down like that). This review is my un biased opinion on these products and how they have benefitted my skin and or face throughout the usage of them within the past months to a year. Feel free to check out my sisters nightly routine as she gives a general run down of some products she uses to maintain her skin as well.

I have combination skin with certain areas that tend to over dry (surrounding my mouth and my cheeks) and areas that get oily (usually around my nose and chin). I get the occasional acne flair up usually when I go to the gym or once a month right around that “precious” time in a females life. My main concerns for myself are acne prevention and treatment, retaining moisture without being oily and last but certainly not least sun care and protection at all cost! This is the major key to preventing sun spots, aging skin and obviously the many types of skin cancer. It is the ultimate secret that Ive learned from working in the past with aestheticians …use sunblock every singe day and your 50 year old self will thank you later for it.

Cleanser- Amazing smooth feel, it only dries me out a little but the smell is amazing!
Toner- I can feel it tightening those pores especially with a heavy amount on a cotton ball on my problem areas like my nose.
Moisturizer- Its a little thick so it works great as night cream. Rub it in with only your fingertips working in an “upward” motion
These products are 100% Vegetarian and not tested on animals.

Alba Botanica Pore Purifying Pineapple Cleanser, Complexion Balancing Hibiscus Toner and Smoothing Jasmine & Vitamin E Moisturizer

Alba Botanica Pore Purifying Pineapple Cleanser, Complexion Balancing Hibiscus Toner and Smoothing Jasmine & Vitamin E Moisturizer

Good old noxema- You cannot go wrong with this stuff! Ive been using it since middle school and it cleanses my face while giving me an invigorating fresh clean scent and feeling. I live by this. Point blank.
Face Brush- I purchased this at sephora but it can be bought anywhere. It does feel sort of scratchy on my skin so I dont advise it if your skin is very sensitive.

Noxema  Original Cleansing Cream & Sephora Face Brush

Noxema Original Cleansing Cream
& Sephora Face Brush

Neutrogena Face Scrub- I use this when I feel as though my skin is breaking out a lot or if Ive been overdoing it with my makeup and need to scrub off the dead cells on the surface that make me look “cakey” The beads are awesome, but I only recommend doing this once a week as its drying to my face.

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash -in Pink Grapefruit

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash -in Pink Grapefruit

Argan Oil & Tea Tree Oil- This could be another post all in itself. The benefits of these two combined (tea tree for acne and argan for overall amazingness) are indescribable. Do yourself a favor and pick these up. The tea tree oil is very potent and strong so use sparingly as well as the argan due to its priceyness.

Josie Maran- Argan oil All natural Tea Tree oil

Josie Maran- Argan oil
All natural Tea Tree oil

Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover- My sister put me on to this and it does a great job at removing all my makeup not to mention the creamy texture is cooling and soothing to the eye.

Camomile Waterproof Eye- Makeup remover by The Body Shop

Camomile Waterproof Eye- Makeup remover by The Body Shop

This product by shea moisture is a little difficult to work with (meaning the consistency) but I feel as thought it is worth it for all the uses you can get from it. Just like the argan oil, it can be used on your skin, hair, cuticles, face etc. I like to mix it with one of my essential oils in order to make it an easier medium to work with.

Shea Butter infused with Coconut & Hibiscus- Brightening and Toning

Shea Butter infused with Coconut & Hibiscus- Brightening and Toning

I am currently out of the following products but I am running to the store (or amazon) to buy them immediately as they are also integral parts of my routine.

Cetaphil Derma Control Line- I just recently discovered these and only bought travel sizes to try them out. Boy was I in love! The cleanser is extremely gentle and dosent dry my skin out and of course the spf lotion is essential in fl. Both are items I will be purchasing again to use when my face needs a gentler approach.

Cetaphil Derma Control Foam Wash and SPF Moisturizer

Cetaphil Derma Control Foam Wash and SPF Moisturizer

This is the holy grail of face sun protectant! I discovered this at my old job and have been hooked ever since. It can be purchased online or at specific retailers like spas and medical grade offices that offer aesthetic services. This product glides on smoothly, dosent break me out, smells amazing, and best of all contains all the main ingredients needed when looking for a good SPF (like zinc and protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays). It is a little pricey but a little goes a very long way and this product (when only used on face) can last a while. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend this to anyone (even senstive skin).

Clear Choice- Sport Shield SPF 45

Clear Choice- Sport Shield SPF 45

Most of the products with the exception of the oils, sunscreen, and makeup remover can be purchased at any drug store near you.

Clear Choice- Sport Shield SPF 45

Josie Maran- Argan Oil

The Body Shop- Camomile Eye- Makeup remover