Urban 90’s Roots

So being that I was born and raised in New York I have a special place in my heart for all things jordan. I thought I had outgrown that phase once I started my love affair with heels in florida. Needless to say I never felt so comfortable and stylish in “casual” attire. Everyone from my bf to randoms on the streets of Las Vegas were complimenting me on my outfit, even going as far as to start mini arguments between rival cities and sports teams ..white socks anyone? My muscle “chicago bulls” tank top is from forever 21 (similar teams below). I purchased these camo leggings from love culture but they can also be found at forever 21 as well. I have had these Jordan 3’s ever since they were passed down to me from my older sis a million years ago. I gave them some major tlc to remove the yellowing on the soles and rocked them out to the surprise and dismay of my friends and loved ones! They are not perfect and are creased up (for all those sneaker heads out there) but I didn’t care and I love the retro look and feel of the completed look. Goes to show you can be sexy and cute dressed up or down!

Hood Rat Chic Chicago bulls tank-Forever 21 Camo Leggings-Love Culture Jordan 3's - Retro

Hood Rat Chic
Chicago bulls tank-Forever 21
Camo Leggings-Love Culture
Jordan 3’s – Retro


Trekking it in my 3's!

Trekking it in my 3’s!

Stay true to yourself and your style…or your many styles ❤

Camo Leggings

LA Lakers tank

Minnesota Vikings Tank

New Orleans Saints Tank

Florida Seminole’s Tank

Retro Jordan 3’s

Newer Jordan 3’s

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