Urban 90’s Roots

So being that I was born and raised in New York I have a special place in my heart for all things jordan. I thought I had outgrown that phase once I started my love affair with heels in florida. Needless to say I never felt so comfortable and stylish in “casual” attire. Everyone from my bf to randoms on the streets of Las Vegas were complimenting me on my outfit, even going as far as to start mini arguments between rival cities and sports teams ..white socks anyone? My muscle “chicago bulls” tank top is from forever 21 (similar teams below). I purchased these camo leggings from love culture but they can also be found at forever 21 as well. I have had these Jordan 3’s ever since they were passed down to me from my older sis a million years ago. I gave them some major tlc to remove the yellowing on the soles and rocked them out to the surprise and dismay of my friends and loved ones! They are not perfect and are creased up (for all those sneaker heads out there) but I didn’t care and I love the retro look and feel of the completed look. Goes to show you can be sexy and cute dressed up or down!

Hood Rat Chic Chicago bulls tank-Forever 21 Camo Leggings-Love Culture Jordan 3's - Retro

Hood Rat Chic
Chicago bulls tank-Forever 21
Camo Leggings-Love Culture
Jordan 3’s – Retro


Trekking it in my 3's!

Trekking it in my 3’s!

Stay true to yourself and your style…or your many styles ❤

Camo Leggings

LA Lakers tank

Minnesota Vikings Tank

New Orleans Saints Tank

Florida Seminole’s Tank

Retro Jordan 3’s

Newer Jordan 3’s

What happens in Vegas……

Just got back from LAS VEGAS, Nevada!!!! I went this past weekend with a group of friends and the boo thang for a lovely weekend of fun, partying and living it up! The original plan was to blog outfit post as I was there but with a combination of high wifi rates and my physical state not being up to par I chose to save it for a time when my thoughts were less fuzzy. I stayed for a total of 4 days and was able to put together some epic looks that Im really excited about. Lets start off with a bang…My sexy catsuit from love culture! Their are no words for how this thing made me feel. It hugged you in close, and was revealing enough to be sexy but not so much that it was vulgar due to the high neck collar and length of the pants. The curvature and placement of the mesh is positioned to give the illusion of a smaller waist to hip ratio (which works in my favor!).The royal blue complimented my skin tone and of course the sheer vertical mesh up each leg (reaching my waist) was just the Vegas oophm that I needed. Needless to say I received so many compliments from both males and females. We went to Pure Nightclub and I danced the night away to west coast gangster rap/twerkin songs that I never heard of and had an amazing time showing off my sexy attire.

Go check this catsuit out if you want to feel extra special one night!

-Stay tuned for more of my looks in Las Vegas,

Love Culture Mesh Catsuit- Also available in Black, Red & White

Love Culture Mesh Catsuit- Also available in Black

Pure Nightclub was not ready!

Pure Nightclub was not ready!

Black Pumps are from Target

Black Pumps are from Target


Love Culture Jumpsuit

Also in Black

Black Mary Jane Pumps