Let the Memorial Madness Begin!

Three day weekends are Gods reminders to the world that we are human and not robots/slaves to the man! It’s only an extra day, but think about all the endless possibilities! Minds race and the frenzy ensues as one plans all these fun events. My itinerary includes relaxing, shopping, theme parks and hitting up various barbeques (I may have to crash a strangers considering no one I know is having one). This featured look is from saturday where I went shopping for a few things (soon to be posted). Their are only a few spots that I feel are worth shopping at and I found the cutest items! My pony button up top is Ralph Lauren purchased at TJMAXX. It was on clearance, and although it is a size large I bought it anyways and wear it belted or as I did here tied as a crop top. My high waist khaki shorts are from american apparel and they feature a side zipper for a varied look. Lastly my sandals are from target (featured in “Bone”) and my amazing vintage Salvatore Ferragamo purse is a recent find on eBay! I was so excited when I won this auction. It’s the perfect cross body bag that is neutral and will go with everything. Gold accents (including the hardware on my sandals) completed the look!






Ash Khaki American Apparel Shorts

Target Gold Hardware Sandals

Forever 21 Similar Studs

Hope everyone enjoys their memorial weekend!


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