Baby You Summa Time Fine

Summer has officially arrived in NYC and boy is it caliente! I know that it’s hot in FL too but I don’t know there’s something about the summer months in the concrete jungle that can make anyone go stir crazy! It’s probably all of the sweaty people rubbing up on you while riding the subway yuck! Anyways (sorry got a bit carried away) what I really want to talk about is summer style. This post was actually inspired by my boss who said I’ve inspired her to become a bit more daring when shopping for clothes. She normally wears your basic neutral colors ie; black, white and beige which are all great colors but summer is upon us and adding some color to your wardrobe does not only make you appear cheery and bright it has the same affect on your personality as well!
I love color all year long but when summer rolls around the clothing is so much more appealing to the eye, bright colors, bold patterns and statement accessories are a part of creating a new fresh look. I may not be as daring as my sister but I definitely do not shy away from color.

So if you’re like my boss and would like to maybe only change one or two pieces at a time I would say the easiest route to adding a pop of color is to accessorize! Whether it be with a purse, clutch, statement necklace or earrings. Most of these pieces range in affordability, giving everyone the chance to create a new look without breaking the bank!




Next if you’re a bit more daring and would like to try an actual piece of clothing I would suggest choosing one bold color or pattern (either a top or bottom) while keeping everything else neutral. This helps ease in color without an overwhelming feeling of “omg does this match with that” kind of feeling.



And lastly if you are the ultimate fearless “I don’t care what people think” kind of a girl you can go for the mixed pattern look. Florals and stripes, Animal on Animal, Polka dots and Chevron the sky’s the limit!




Most important part is to have fun! Remember “the sun don’t shine forever” make the most of the summer!
– Gwen

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