Easy 4th of July Inspiration for Nails

July 4th is upon us! A time where we get to gorge on food cooked on a grill, drink heavily and light up the night sky with fire works all in the name of America. This holiday is always fun and festive partly due to the explosives involved and partly because of the awesome patriotic gear one can rock. Cut off denim, boots, or pretty much anything with an American flag count towards this day. I’ve chosen to rock some particularly fun options in the past (patriotic lip tattoos) and this year I want to go more subdued and just do something fun on my nails. Here are some of the following options/inspiration.

You can go with the classic All American flag look






The firework aspect might be of interest using nail stripers and glitter



I personally would like to try this just because its out of the ordinary…



Last but not least you can choose to represent any one of the amazing groups that make up the military, after all they fight every day to allow us to keep our freedoms that we enjoy!


** I do not own any of these pics, these are simply articles found online thought to inspire some creativity for this wonderful holiday

Violent Lips- Patriotic Lip Tattoo

Violent Lips- Patriotic Lip Tattoo

Stay safe and enjoy tomorrows festivities!

Love, Ari

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