Nail Cuticle Tattoos

The little details are what make life that much more interesting. This statement could not be any truer with regards to fashion and accessories. Trends like midi rings and small dainty jewelry are spot on because they are feminine, interesting and don’t overwhelm your look. These nail cuticle tattoos do just the trick! I found them on ASOS and was immediately smitten with the idea of sprucing up my nails more than just stacking rings together. It’s a way to be ornate without having to fully commit to getting some actual permanent ink. These stick on tattoos are perfect for a concert, party or even just worn casually with a great manicure. They are applied just as any other temporary tats and come off with water in the shower. Links at the bottom!

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

ASOS Nail Cuticle Tattoos


NYE Outfits

2015 is here! So many great things have happened this past year and we are so grateful to have been able to spend time together per usual for this holiday season. For our New Years celebration we decided to keep it low key this year (since Gwen is moving to London in a couple of days) and spend time at home with our loved ones. Needless to say, we still found the need to dress up of course. Get all the details down below!


Ari’s Outfit
Dress- Alberto Makali Nordstrom Rack
Shoes – Old season Forever 21
Clip in Hair Extensions –Bellami
Press on Nails- Static Nails

Gwens’ Oufit
Dress- Forever 21
Shoes- Sam & Libby Heels from Target
Press on Nails- Static Nails

new years 5

Deborah Lippmann Summer Lacquers

One of my favorite parts of summer is being able to brighten up not only your wardrobe and makeup but also your nail polish. Bold colors are an instant pick me up when looking down at your hands and toes. You can all imagine how excited I was when I received the Deborah Lippmann 80’s rewind summer collection nail lacquers. These colors are super pigmented and the crème formula has a great consistency. There are some lacquers that are a bit runny or too thick but these are very easy to work with. I actually painted my own nails which is something I cannot do with every nail polish.

Here’s a closer look at these gorgeous colors

Left to Right: Whip it, Walking on Sunshine, Don't stop believing, She drives me crazy, Maniac, Video killed the radio star

Left to Right: Whip it, Walking on Sunshine, Don’t stop believing, She drives me crazy, Maniac, Video killed the radio star


I am currently wearing "Don't stop Believing" the perfect red-orange color

I am currently wearing “Don’t stop Believing” the perfect red-orange color

These Nail Lacquers are available online or at your local Sephora, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.

Quick Links:
Deborah Lippmann

* Special Thank you to Diana from Deborah Lippmann’s PR department for reaching out and being so kind to send samples over.

Happy weekend everyone!

July 4th Outfit Inspo

Happy Independance day to all of my fellow Americans! I am so excited to be able to share some outfit inspiration for this awesome day, but mainly happy for the day off from work. Who wouldnt be looking forward to gorging oneself on barbeque food, watching fire works and wearing fun patriotic themed items? This year I decided to tone down my previous enthusiam (ie tattoo american flag lips) and went for a more subtle approach in showing my support. My camo skinnies serve as a “neutral” base while also representing for our troops, American flag canvas flats are old season target and my crisp white button up finish off the look. Links to similar items below.

american, ootd, outfit, fourth of july

american, ootd, outfit, fourth of july

american, ootd, outfit, fourth of july




Untitled #2


Happy fourth everyone!


4th of July nails

What better way to spruce up your 4th of July look than by adding a touch of fun to your nails. Below are some fun and easy ways to decorate them for this upcoming weekend.

4th of July nails


A simple red, white and blue nail polish can go a long way, all you need is some scotch tape and you can create all sorts of designs with it. Touches of gold, silver and glitter nail polish can also add a festive pop to your look. If painting your own nails isn’t your thing another alternative is nail stickers, they are super easy to apply onto your nails and the best part is there is no need for drying!

The most important part is to have fun with your creations and enjoy the fun filled weekend!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Revlon by Marchesa Review

I love me an at home manicure and what else is better than a cute set to keep my nails looking proper at all times! My lovely sister sent an awesome care package that included these products (will feature the rest in a different post). The packaging and design make all the difference with these everyday items. In collaboration with Revlon designer Marchesa added a touch of pink and florals that really make the average tools that much more awesome!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure,

-The dual ended cuticle trimmer can be used to push back your cuticles as well as trim them up if needed.
-Nail clipper has a curved blade and small file
-The emery board has a floral design to file and also buff and shine on the opposite end
-The handy case protects and keep everything in place!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure,

She also included a mini “to go” tweezer set that includes a slant and point tip for all of my tweezing needs! How freaking adorable are these babies?!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure, tweezers

This and other designs can still be found at your local drugstores like CVS, Walgreens as well as Target.

Off to pamper myself!


My girl Autumn… pt 2

Hey Everyone I’m Back! Part two of the “My girl Autumn” series is Fall nail polish. What better and might I add easy way to dive into the new season than by adding some cool hues to your hands and toes, it’s like an instant pick me up!(well for me it is anyway). This season it is all about metallics, dark navy’s and bold berry’s. Here are my top five must have picks.

From Left to right: Sally Hansen "Teal-y Fast" & "Shoot the Moon", Revlon "Rich Raspberry", Essie "For the twill of it" & "No more film

From Left to right: Sally Hansen “Teal-y Fast” & “Shoot the Moon”, Revlon “Rich Raspberry”, Essie “For the twill of it” & “No more film

“Teal-y fast” is an amazing teal with lots of shimmer that reflects beautifully in sunlight.
“Shoot the moon” has a graphite look to it thanks to the smooth metallic particles in pewter and gold which also reflect amazingly in direct light.
“Rich Raspberry” is described perfectly, as it has a true berry “richness” to it.
“For the twill of it” is a multi chromed metallic which gives off pops of teal and purple, it is such a gorgeous color!
“No more film” has more of a creamy texture and it is a deep blue-ish violet.

Swatches (with Flash)

Swatches (with Flash)

Swatches (No Flash)

Swatches (No Flash)

Color I am currently wearing: (With Flash) Revlon "Rich Raspberry" in number 250 and it is my absolute favorite right now!

Color I am currently wearing: (With Flash) Revlon “Rich Raspberry” in number 250 and it is my absolute favorite right now!

Color on my nails (No Flash)

Color on my nails (No Flash)

What’s great about nail polishes is that there is no need to worry about sizing or a right fit, find a great color, layer it on and you’re pretty much set!
You can find these as well as other colors at your local Walmart or drugstore. Ulta is also great at carrying the most current colors.

Stay tuned for my last post in the My girl Autumn series… here’s a hint: This item will give you an edge while keeping you warm.

Hasta Pronto amigas (y amigos)

Easy 4th of July Inspiration for Nails

July 4th is upon us! A time where we get to gorge on food cooked on a grill, drink heavily and light up the night sky with fire works all in the name of America. This holiday is always fun and festive partly due to the explosives involved and partly because of the awesome patriotic gear one can rock. Cut off denim, boots, or pretty much anything with an American flag count towards this day. I’ve chosen to rock some particularly fun options in the past (patriotic lip tattoos) and this year I want to go more subdued and just do something fun on my nails. Here are some of the following options/inspiration.

You can go with the classic All American flag look






The firework aspect might be of interest using nail stripers and glitter



I personally would like to try this just because its out of the ordinary…



Last but not least you can choose to represent any one of the amazing groups that make up the military, after all they fight every day to allow us to keep our freedoms that we enjoy!


** I do not own any of these pics, these are simply articles found online thought to inspire some creativity for this wonderful holiday

Violent Lips- Patriotic Lip Tattoo

Violent Lips- Patriotic Lip Tattoo

Stay safe and enjoy tomorrows festivities!

Love, Ari