Storage Unit DIY

I know I teased this on Instagram a long time ago but the time has finally come to reveal my awesome DIY storage project for my room. I was on a bit of a décor kick as of recent and wanted to bring my interior style game up a notch now that I’m getting older. One way to do that was introducing mixed metals to my new mirrored furniture and find ways to incorporate natural elements like wood to make it cozier. A full room tour might be necessary in the near future! For now here is how I jazzed up this ordinary shelving unit to be perfect for my aesthetic.

Things you will need- Everything can be purchased from

  • Storage Unit
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Screwdriver or Drill (I only used a screwdriver)
  • Marble Contact Paper (or any pattern contact paper for that matter)
  • Pencil, Ruler and Scissors (or scrap booking knife)
  1. Prepare your work space with enough room, you will only need a screwdriver or drill (if you’re fancy)
  2. Follow the directions to screw each shelf to the columns (starting from the bottom helps)
  3. After its constructed take it to an outside open area and spray with gold paint, let dry and do a second coat
  4. Measure and cut pieces of contact paper with the pencil and ruler (make sure to write on the back portion of the paper not the visible marble part)
  5. Cut out the pieces and smooth them over the shelves with the ruler or a rag to smooth out any air bubbles
  6. Embellish shelves with books or home décor items, get creative!

I had originally planned on leaving the bottom shelf open for a hamper or larger items but later decided to add the missing shelf for a more cohesive look. I also plan on eventually getting some pull out mesh drawers from IKEA and de clutter it. For now I love the finished product and can’t wait to play around with the items and change them up for the seasons!





Photo & Magazine DIY Display

Hey there lovelies! I thought I’d switch things up a bit by showing you all my latest project. I moved in with my best friend a few months ago and wanted a fresh look for my new bedroom. Pinterest became my best friend as I hunted for a way to display my photos from my time away in Europe and some of my favorite books and magazines. Here’s what I came up with…        

For the magazine & book display I purchased the Ribba series picture ledge from Ikea but, I believe they are no longer sold online. This is the closest match I found Mosslanda Ledge. For this you will need a level (to make sure the shelf is straight) and a power drill. This ledge is so multifunctional, you can display anything you’d like on these. I paid $14.99 for this long one but the one they have available online is only $9.99!

For the hanging photo display I purchased nylon invisible hanging wire along with the cup hooks at my local hardware store (which you can also do) or take a trip to your local Home Depot or Lowes. Invisible Wire, Hooks. Now for these hooks all you need is a strong arm (I had my roommates uncle help me ensure they were pressed tightly against the wall) you then tie the nylon wire to each end, not giving it too much slack and ta-da you’ve got yourself an easy and cool way to hang photographs. Add some cute wooden “clothes” pins and you’re good to go! 

I hope you all enjoyed this mini DIY project. Have any of you worked on something fun lately? Please share down below!

xx, Gwen

Kate Spade Agenda “Quick & Curious”

As you may or may not have guessed already, Kate Spade is my number one favorite contemporary women’s designer. Featured countless times here before, I love the way the brand merges modern feminine style with quirky and youthful pieces. The range of items is always classic yet with a fun twist. I knew for the start of Grad school I needed something to help keep me on track of my life and assignments and knew I could count on my favorite brand to deliver. I didn’t want just any old planner, but a distinctive one that would bring me some happiness on my many upcoming joyless nights I would be spent studying. I purchased the 2015-2016 planner with the quote “she is quick and curious and playful and strong”. I absolutely loved the color (although now I am worried about the wear on tear on this beautiful baby blue) and the quote really resonated with me and made me feel special. I printed out some pinterest art work based off of things I love and inspired by YouTube guru Summer Kellsey (New York, pin up girls, Paris, food etc) and proceeded to create a “theme” for each month. You can print your items on shipping labels to make for easier sticking or on regular paper as I did and just use glue to cut and paste the homemade stickers. I also incorporated some fun scrap booking elements that I always have stored from my scrap booking days (things like magazine cut-outs, glitter, and stickers). Have fun with this! You don’t have to decorate, it’s just as beautiful plain but I love the excitement it brings me to look at my “to do” list now that it’s all pretty. Links to the items can be found down below including our pinterest page where you can find some of the same graphics. Enjoy!

You will need:

  • Avery Shipping Labels- (only if you don’t wish to glue with regular glue)
  • Printer Paper
  • Scissors/ Glue
  • Odds and Ends that you find appealing to add (scrap book materials, photos etc.)

kate spade quick and curious agenda

My birthday month needed to be extra special! LEOS RULE!

My birthday month needed to be extra special! LEOS RULE!

"New York Minimalist"

“New York Minimalist”

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (3)

Each dividing month has an inspirational quote I love.

Each dividing month has an inspirational quote I love.

Use anything you'd like and get to decorating!

Use anything you’d like and get to decorating!

Kate Spade “Quick & Curious” Agenda
Avery Labels
Our Pinterest Page
Summer Kellsey Pinterest page

Toodles, Ari

Nail Cuticle Tattoos

The little details are what make life that much more interesting. This statement could not be any truer with regards to fashion and accessories. Trends like midi rings and small dainty jewelry are spot on because they are feminine, interesting and don’t overwhelm your look. These nail cuticle tattoos do just the trick! I found them on ASOS and was immediately smitten with the idea of sprucing up my nails more than just stacking rings together. It’s a way to be ornate without having to fully commit to getting some actual permanent ink. These stick on tattoos are perfect for a concert, party or even just worn casually with a great manicure. They are applied just as any other temporary tats and come off with water in the shower. Links at the bottom!

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

ASOS Nail Cuticle Tattoos


Halloween Collaboration- Last Minute Costumes

Here are some fun super easy & quick Halloween ideas for those last minute planners like ourselves!

I wanted to go with something that I didnt have to do much and could use items I already owned seeing as thats the true spirit of it being last minute. I thought of my beloved flower crown that I dont get to wear that often (check out my previous Lana Del Ray post on it). Then it came to me, FRIDA KAHLO! I can dress sexy or cute any other time of the year, this day is the one day you can be completely creative and think outside of the box. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter best known for her self portraits featuring her infamous unibrow. Picture of the items I used below! If you are looking for something less obscure scroll down to check out Gwens last minute look!

lorac pro, mascara, nars, makeup, nyc, real techniques, milani, loreal, brow baw, whitening lighting, wet & wild

For all of you last minute gals I too have the perfect look for you and the best part is you wont have to spend much money! A creepy doll/clown is super easy to create and all you need is makeup that you already have at home. You can add to this costume by putting on colorful clothing to make it more clown-ish or a ruffly top to create a more doll-like effect. Check out what I created below… (Photos were taken with my phone, please excuse the quality)



Products used: (I added a lighter foundation for that clown/doll effect)


You can make this look a bit more dramatic by adding black eyeliner to your eyes as well as underneath your bottom lash line. I did not for the sake of time, but I hope you all can still get the feel of it.

Hope you enjoyed!
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Ari & Gwen

Revlon by Marchesa Review

I love me an at home manicure and what else is better than a cute set to keep my nails looking proper at all times! My lovely sister sent an awesome care package that included these products (will feature the rest in a different post). The packaging and design make all the difference with these everyday items. In collaboration with Revlon designer Marchesa added a touch of pink and florals that really make the average tools that much more awesome!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure,

-The dual ended cuticle trimmer can be used to push back your cuticles as well as trim them up if needed.
-Nail clipper has a curved blade and small file
-The emery board has a floral design to file and also buff and shine on the opposite end
-The handy case protects and keep everything in place!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure,

She also included a mini “to go” tweezer set that includes a slant and point tip for all of my tweezing needs! How freaking adorable are these babies?!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure, tweezers

This and other designs can still be found at your local drugstores like CVS, Walgreens as well as Target.

Off to pamper myself!


The Makeup Show Goodies- Z Palette

I had the pleasure of attending “The Makeup Show” here in Orlando Fl on Sept 28. For it being my first time at a makeup expo, I was not disappointed at all! I loved the setup and all the booths were filled with amazing products all at discounted prices. I also got to meet one of my favorite beauty youtube gurus @nicoleguerriero (go check her out she is amazing!) I had an awesome experience and definitely look forward to attending more events like this in the future.

My first purchase was the Z- Palette in size large and leopard print. For those who don’t know the z-palette is a customized makeup palette that allows you to use your own products and have them all in one convenient location. Great for traveling, this little palette is available in different prints/solid colors, I was sold once I heard the discounted price. The process goes as follows

1. Pick out the makeup in your collection that you would like to combine (perhaps your “everyday look”). Make sure they are in pots (sometimes hard to tell if they are glued well, look for the metal rim).

2. Depot by prying or using the oven or flat-iron method (I used solely prying them out with a thin kitchen knife)

3. Clean off the glue from the back of the pot, stick on palette if it is metal or if not use the provided stickers to adhere the items to the palette. You can also use a sharpie to label your product on the back.

4. Enjoy your customized palette!

Leopard Print Z- Palette with magnetic stickers inside.

Leopard Print Z- Palette with magnetic stickers inside.

Find the edge of the pot and work your item of choice (be careful with knives) into it.

Find the edge of the pot and work your item of choice (be careful with knives) into it.


Pull off the pot and clean off the excess glue with acetone or "goo gone".

Pull off the pot and clean off the excess glue with acetone or “goo gone”.

This one didn't actually need a sticker, but for the purposes of this I used one. Adhere it to the back of the pot.

This one didn’t actually need a sticker, but for the purposes of this I used one. Adhere it to the back of the pot.

Place them wherever you'd like on the palette

Place them wherever you’d like on the palette

Here Is my work in progress!

Here Is my work in progress!

I used an old maybelline neutral quad, and my favorite blush from a Sonia Kashuk palette. I can totally see this being a favorite of mine when I spend long weekends locally or travel anywhere else. Such a cool concept that I’m glad I was sold on. I can use all the help I can get to organize my cluttered life.

Instructions on how to depot (oven or flat-iron method)

Z Palette Website

Stay tuned for my outfit post for this event!

Love, Ari

Simple & Cute D.I.Y Sweater

As most of you may know I am a sucker for all things target and especially their clearance (as most normal girls are). I have found the most amazing things ever on sale! exhibit A: These purple sweaters! I bought these a while ago (one for me and one for my sister) and have been holding on to them for a while in order to find some materials and inspiration to jazz them up. These Hanes pullover fleece lined sweaters were marked down to an incredible $2.00! Although it is warm in Fl, feeling cozy with a cute sweater (even at home with central AC) is always a must. I decided to go for gold studs to add a little bit of interest to the plain staple pieces. Silver or even Black spikes/studs would have worked as well!

Plain Purple Hanes Fleece Lined Pullover



I purchased a set of 100 gold rivet studs from eBay. They are available in many different colors and styles (spikes, flat tops, round or even star-shaped!) Try watching multiple listings at once to be able to get the best deal on a value pack. They can also be purchased at any craft/fabric store (I found silver ones at Hobby Lobby) but not for wholesale.

Gold Studs

Gold Studs

I eyeballed the placement of the studs around the collar (feel free to measure if you want a perfect distance between each stud). I like the fact that they are a little bit uneven in the spacing, I feel it gives it a little character. After you have an idea of where each stud should go, individually stick the prongs face down directly into the fabric (avoid seams as those tend to be thick and hard to push through).

It should look like this in the back of your garment.

It should look like this in the back of your garment.

Then grab some tweezers and push each prong down and inward (as to not poke yourself with them when you put the item on). Make sure it’s completely down and smooth so it wont budge with washing.


Row Completely Finished

Row Completely Finished

I chose to add some on my sleeve as well to make for a more interesting piece.

Final Product!

Final Product!

And their you have it folks! A pain stakenly easy tutorial. I am going to be studding everything and anything I own now (D.I.Y shorts coming soon). Two awesome sweaters for under $10.00…cant beat that!


Target Merona Pullover Sweater

Mossimo Lurex Shine Sweater

Hanes Pullover Sweatshirt

Wholesale Pyramid Studs Ebay Listing

Gold Studs Ebay Listing