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We are super excited to host another giveaway! We’re about six followers shy of 350 subscribers and would love to reward one of you lovelies for being loyal to us. We of course will continue to have giveaways in the new year and are in the works of revamping our logo (stay tuned for that), but none the less our content and love for all things fashion & beauty will always be our main focus.

Shall I move along to the good part? Here’s what one lucky winner (chosen at random) will receive.

 A pair of sunnies from sunglassesspot.com

A Sephora brand eyeshadow palette

A Ciaté London mini nail polish kit

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Makeup Forever-Blue Sepia Palette Review

Today I bring to you this limited edition makeup forever eye shadow palette “Blue Sepia”. I found this lovely at my local Marshalls for the low price of $16.99 compared to its original price of $45! It is an older season item but can still be found online and or in stores like TJMAXX and Marshalls. Inspired by the 1950’s it features a petrol sparkling blue color that really makes your eye pop! I mainly was attracted to it because of the varying soft brown shades that I figured were perfect to use as a base or transitional colors for any shadow look. Two shades are completely matte and even perfect for use on your eyebrows! It also came with a mini double ended shader brush, crease and an angled eyebrow brush not pictured here as I could not find them after use. It is compact and perfect to throw in a travel bag for everyday neutral looks while having the black and blue color options to intensify it to your liking for night.

The pigmentation varies with each color (the darker matte colors show up a lot easier on my tan skin). Feel free to use a medium like fix plus or eye drops to intensify the iridescent or satin colors. Pictures below are with and without flash.

makeup forever, sepia blue palette, eyeshadow, review, makeup, motd, bbloggers, beauty

makeup forever, sepia blue palette, eyeshadow, review, makeup, motd, bbloggers, beauty

)makeup forever, sepia blue palette, eyeshadow, review, makeup, motd, bbloggers, beauty

Until the next one, XOXO Ari

How to: College Football Makeup

Graduating in 2012 from the University of Central Florida was one of the proudest moments of my life. In looking back at my college experience, I wish I had participated in more “college” activities when I had the chance. In comes football games and tail-gating! I attended my first game ever this past weekend and like most people could not wait to don my colors and rep my school (even though Im an alum now). I decided to go all out and finally break out this beautiful gold pigment from NYX I had been waiting to use for some time. It is so sparkly and intense and can easily liven up any look.The “bondage weightless makeup adhesive” from Urban Decay was the perfect choice & worked so well at holding the pigment. No heavy feeling on my lid as I yelled and cheered throughout the evening!

  1. I first prepped my eye for all that color with NYX skin tone primer all over the eyelid, crease, & brow bone
  2. I then used a yellow shimmer shadow from the NYX Mysterious Brown Eyes Color palette all over the eyelid (as another base to make the yellow glitter pop even more)
  3. I then used Urban Decay Eyeshadows “Tyranny” as a transitional color in the crease & “Vengeance” in the crease up to the brow bone for more depth. Remember to blend!
  4. I applied Urban Decay Bondage Adhesive to my eyelid (straight from the tube) and covered the entirety of the yellow.
  5. With a clean flat shader brush, I patted the NYX glitter pigment on the entire lid. I kept adding more and building the intensity until I reached my desired effect.
  6. Optional-Finally, I used black gel liner to create a cat eye and finished off with loads of mascara!

Make sure to clean up afterwards thoroughly seeing as I had a lot of fall out (not after once it was already dried on my eye) I am just messy during my process! These steps can be replicated with any of the variety of pigments depending on your team colors (blue or purple would look spectacular). Links below!

urban decay, nyx, glitter, pigment, cat eye, glitter glue, ucf, college, football, makeup


ucf, university of central florida, makeup, tutorial, cosmetics, urban decay, bondage, glitter glue, adhesive,knights,glitter,eyeshadow,nyx,loose pigment


urban decay, nyx, glitter, pigment, cat eye, glitter glue, ucf, college, football, makeup

urban decay, nyx, glitter, pigment, cat eye, glitter glue, ucf, college, football, makeup

***On my lips I am wearing Gerard Cosmetics in the color “1995”, also both my Anastasia contour kit and Loreal telescopic mascara were used.

Nyx Pigment

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction

Nyx Primer

Go UCF Knights!


April Ipsy Glam Bag Review

April’s Ipsy bag is a lovely addition to my collection this month. I really haven’t had the time to go out and physically buy any new cosmetics (Ive been needing a new mascara for ages!) so times like this its always nice to check my mail and have some cool new products to try. This months actual makeup bag was not my favorite but overall the products it contained were great and made up for it.

ipsy,april, glam bag, urban decay, big sexy hair, dr. brandt

cailyn, lip tint, balm, lippie,

IMG_3286This tinted lip balm from the brand “Cailyn” in Apple Pink has very interesting packaging. The base pot holds a nice amount of the balm, while you are provided with a convenient lip brush attached at the top. I love the color pay off (looks more coral on my lips) and the brush is definitely needed since the color is sort of difficult to spread evenly. Nice aesthetic appeal and great product!


big sexy hair, root pump, hair sprayI dont personally use mousse on my hair (only natural products for my curls) but I will be re-gifting this since it is a reputable brand and may work for some with less dry hair.

city color, white gold, mousse eyeshadow , shimmerThis product leaves little to be desired just by the looks, but when I actually swatched and used it on my eye it was great! It is an eyeshadow mousse, very creamy texture and the color payoff is amazing. On my personal skin tone it looks more gold and its very shimmery. The consistency is thick (mousse like) and seems to stick and have  a long wear.

dr.brandt, microdermabrasion, skin, exfoliantThis sample size skin exfoliant is awesome! It smells very tropical and the micro beads really feel like they are deep cleaning my skin. I don’t know if over time it will improve the overall texture or quality. Stay tuned!

urban decay, 24/7, glide on, eye pencil, eye liner, black Lastly, this urban decay 24/7 black velvet eye pencil is of course a winner! Super pigmented, great for the water and tight line or even your lid since it glides on super smooth. Perfect to wear alone, or smoke out and make for a more smoldering look.


– Love Ari

March Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Its March Ipsy Glam Bag time! I am glad to say they are continuously getting better with the products and I am happy that every month I get to indulge in some new products I may not have tried before. If you are not familiar with Ipsy and their monthly subscription program check out my previous post and initial review on my very first bag. This month features a special makeup bag with a funky print from Klari Reis.


This cute trio palette from Nyx is called “Love in Rio” and features the perfect combination for a dark night-time smokey eye. They are all shimmery and feature a base medium color, highlight and black for depth.

This bare minerals lipstick could not be any cuter! Its mini size makes it perfect to throw in any bag but yet features enough of the product to get its worth. Featured in “Get Ready” this color is perfect for everyday use and its creamy texture feels great and moisturizing on the lips.
bare minerals, marvelous moxie, get ready, lipstick, review, makeup, swatch


This pixi “flawless beauty primer” is supposed to even your skin tone and add a youthful glow. I tried it on my face and I didn’t see much difference except the shimmer. It didn’t work well with my skin tone but might look better on someone with fair skin or used sparingly for a touch of highlight.

pixi, swatches, review, makeup, primer

primer, swatches, review, pixi,makeup

Lastly this liner was an unexpected little surprise. From the brand Chella this eyeliner pen is in “Indigo Blue” and features a stiff felt tip. The end is perfect for precise lines, and the dark blue is a nice break from the usual black. It is long-lasting and doesnt drag or fade.

chella,eyeliner pen, indigo blue,

Klari Reis Print Makeup Bag, check out more on Klariart.com



The Makeup Show Goodies- Z Palette

I had the pleasure of attending “The Makeup Show” here in Orlando Fl on Sept 28. For it being my first time at a makeup expo, I was not disappointed at all! I loved the setup and all the booths were filled with amazing products all at discounted prices. I also got to meet one of my favorite beauty youtube gurus @nicoleguerriero (go check her out she is amazing!) I had an awesome experience and definitely look forward to attending more events like this in the future.

My first purchase was the Z- Palette in size large and leopard print. For those who don’t know the z-palette is a customized makeup palette that allows you to use your own products and have them all in one convenient location. Great for traveling, this little palette is available in different prints/solid colors, I was sold once I heard the discounted price. The process goes as follows

1. Pick out the makeup in your collection that you would like to combine (perhaps your “everyday look”). Make sure they are in pots (sometimes hard to tell if they are glued well, look for the metal rim).

2. Depot by prying or using the oven or flat-iron method (I used solely prying them out with a thin kitchen knife)

3. Clean off the glue from the back of the pot, stick on palette if it is metal or if not use the provided stickers to adhere the items to the palette. You can also use a sharpie to label your product on the back.

4. Enjoy your customized palette!

Leopard Print Z- Palette with magnetic stickers inside.

Leopard Print Z- Palette with magnetic stickers inside.

Find the edge of the pot and work your item of choice (be careful with knives) into it.

Find the edge of the pot and work your item of choice (be careful with knives) into it.


Pull off the pot and clean off the excess glue with acetone or "goo gone".

Pull off the pot and clean off the excess glue with acetone or “goo gone”.

This one didn't actually need a sticker, but for the purposes of this I used one. Adhere it to the back of the pot.

This one didn’t actually need a sticker, but for the purposes of this I used one. Adhere it to the back of the pot.

Place them wherever you'd like on the palette

Place them wherever you’d like on the palette

Here Is my work in progress!

Here Is my work in progress!

I used an old maybelline neutral quad, and my favorite blush from a Sonia Kashuk palette. I can totally see this being a favorite of mine when I spend long weekends locally or travel anywhere else. Such a cool concept that I’m glad I was sold on. I can use all the help I can get to organize my cluttered life.

Instructions on how to depot (oven or flat-iron method)

Z Palette Website

Stay tuned for my outfit post for this event!

Love, Ari