Kate Spade Agenda “Quick & Curious”

As you may or may not have guessed already, Kate Spade is my number one favorite contemporary women’s designer. Featured countless times here before, I love the way the brand merges modern feminine style with quirky and youthful pieces. The range of items is always classic yet with a fun twist. I knew for the start of Grad school I needed something to help keep me on track of my life and assignments and knew I could count on my favorite brand to deliver. I didn’t want just any old planner, but a distinctive one that would bring me some happiness on my many upcoming joyless nights I would be spent studying. I purchased the 2015-2016 planner with the quote “she is quick and curious and playful and strong”. I absolutely loved the color (although now I am worried about the wear on tear on this beautiful baby blue) and the quote really resonated with me and made me feel special. I printed out some pinterest art work based off of things I love and inspired by YouTube guru Summer Kellsey (New York, pin up girls, Paris, food etc) and proceeded to create a “theme” for each month. You can print your items on shipping labels to make for easier sticking or on regular paper as I did and just use glue to cut and paste the homemade stickers. I also incorporated some fun scrap booking elements that I always have stored from my scrap booking days (things like magazine cut-outs, glitter, and stickers). Have fun with this! You don’t have to decorate, it’s just as beautiful plain but I love the excitement it brings me to look at my “to do” list now that it’s all pretty. Links to the items can be found down below including our pinterest page where you can find some of the same graphics. Enjoy!

You will need:

  • Avery Shipping Labels- (only if you don’t wish to glue with regular glue)
  • Printer Paper
  • Scissors/ Glue
  • Odds and Ends that you find appealing to add (scrap book materials, photos etc.)

kate spade quick and curious agenda

My birthday month needed to be extra special! LEOS RULE!

My birthday month needed to be extra special! LEOS RULE!

"New York Minimalist"

“New York Minimalist”

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FullSizeRender (3)

Each dividing month has an inspirational quote I love.

Each dividing month has an inspirational quote I love.

Use anything you'd like and get to decorating!

Use anything you’d like and get to decorating!

Kate Spade “Quick & Curious” Agenda
Avery Labels
Our Pinterest Page
Summer Kellsey Pinterest page

Toodles, Ari

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t have the easiest time pulling off a cat eye or any other complex liner especially when it comes to using gel. You have to have the right tools in order to get that perfect shape. Ive used bent/angled eyeliner brushes in the past and the bristles would always fray and never gave me the precision I was looking for. In comes this awesome silicone brush from Real Techniques. Featured here on the blog before, this brand is affordable and high quality. I picked this bad boy up at ULTA and immediately noticed how much easier it was to apply my gel liner. Cleaning it is a also a breeze and it eliminates any chances of fraying or shedding like a brush would. I can pick up the right amount and it glides smoothly over my skin without me tugging or stretching it taut like I used to (which by the way is no bueno, who wants premature wrinkles?!). I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to incorporate gel liner but are having trouble applying it precisely.

Real techniques, sam chapman, maybelline, silicone liner gel,

real techniques, sam and nic chapman, silicone liner brush, review, haul, maybelline gel liner

real techniques, sam and nic chapman, silicone liner brush, review, haul, maybelline gel liner

real techniques, sam and nic chapman, silicone liner brush, review, haul, maybelline gel liner

Quick look at my cat- eye liner! Achieved with this awesome tool!

Quick look at my cat- eye liner! Achieved with this awesome tool!


Revlon by Marchesa Review

I love me an at home manicure and what else is better than a cute set to keep my nails looking proper at all times! My lovely sister sent an awesome care package that included these products (will feature the rest in a different post). The packaging and design make all the difference with these everyday items. In collaboration with Revlon designer Marchesa added a touch of pink and florals that really make the average tools that much more awesome!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure,

-The dual ended cuticle trimmer can be used to push back your cuticles as well as trim them up if needed.
-Nail clipper has a curved blade and small file
-The emery board has a floral design to file and also buff and shine on the opposite end
-The handy case protects and keep everything in place!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure,

She also included a mini “to go” tweezer set that includes a slant and point tip for all of my tweezing needs! How freaking adorable are these babies?!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure, tweezers

This and other designs can still be found at your local drugstores like CVS, Walgreens as well as Target.

Off to pamper myself!


Real Techniques “Sam’s Picks” Review

Real Technique brushes are designed by youtube sensation and makeup artist Samantha Chapman. These affordable brushes are top of the line! The quality is impeccable and you get so much bang for your buck. I was introduced to them by my sister (and co blogger) and I am in love. I chose to go with “Sam’s Picks” because the brushes suited my needs and also served as a basic starting point (although they do have other “starter kits”. For me personally this one was the best.

Priced at $30.00 these are essential to any makeup lovers collection. The bristles are super soft but don’t shed and the aluminum self standing handle make it easier to grip and hold. I have no cons for these thus far! Links Below.




Multi Task Brush- Perfect for Powders (blush, bronzers etc)


Setting Brush-Dusting of Powder or Highlighter (I use mine to set my concealer under my eyes amongst other things)


Buffing Brush- Perfect for application of foundations both powder and mineral


Pointed Foundation Brush- Perfect for liquid foundation


Essential Crease Brush- These tapered bristles are perfect for contouring the face or blending on the eyes.


Fine Liner Brush- Great for any gel liner.

Sam’s Picks Brushes

Real Techniques at Ulta

Love Ari

Sonia Kashuk Organized Travel Case

Hey everyone! As my sister said in her previous post its been a while! Summer time is all about having fun and enjoying the awesome weather. I myself have been doing just that in addition to embarking on two mini … Continue reading