Real Techniques Sculpting Set 

Makeup brushes are the kind of item that will either make or break your look, am I right ladies? I am not one to normally splurge on brushes because I believe you can achieve flawless looks with some of the lower end brands, which brings me to speak about Real Techniques! This is by far my favorite brand of brushes! They are affordable, blend amazingly well and do not shed. I own quite a few of them as does Ari and we both absolutely adore them.

If you haven’t heard of Real techniques, it is a brand launched by two sisters (Sam and Nicole chapman). In 2008 they started a YouTube channel and then followed with the launch of their brushes in 2011. They now sell a wide array of brushes ranging from $6-$26.

Now this set I will be speaking about is the sculpting kit ($20). It comes with three brushes, one for sculpting, a fan brush and a setting one. Here’s a closer look     

From left to right:

Sculpting brush is great for contouring. It’s angled shape fits perfectly into the hollows of your cheek bones and it is dense enough where it doesn’t grab too much product. Just make the fishy face blend the product and you’re good to go!

Fan Brush is exclusive to the set and it is utter perfection! It’s thin and fluffy enough where a light dusting of product is distributed. I feel this one is perfect for highlight on top on your cheek bones, tops of your brows, center of the nose and cupid’s bow.

Setting brush is another amazing brush! Setting under the eyes can be a bit tricky but with this one it fits nicely under your eyes or anywhere else you want to set (such as your t-zone for my oily girls).

All three of these brushes are super soft and blend products with ease. They can also be used on powder, cream and liquid formulas. What more could a girl ask for?    
Hope you all enjoyed this review of my new favorite brushes! Do you guys have any Real Techniques favorites? If so let me know which ones in a comment! I believe this set is sold out on their website but can be found at Superdrug and Feelunique in the UK and at Ulta in the US.

Till next time lovelies,

xx, Gwen

Real Techniques “Sam’s Picks” Review

Real Technique brushes are designed by youtube sensation and makeup artist Samantha Chapman. These affordable brushes are top of the line! The quality is impeccable and you get so much bang for your buck. I was introduced to them by my sister (and co blogger) and I am in love. I chose to go with “Sam’s Picks” because the brushes suited my needs and also served as a basic starting point (although they do have other “starter kits”. For me personally this one was the best.

Priced at $30.00 these are essential to any makeup lovers collection. The bristles are super soft but don’t shed and the aluminum self standing handle make it easier to grip and hold. I have no cons for these thus far! Links Below.




Multi Task Brush- Perfect for Powders (blush, bronzers etc)


Setting Brush-Dusting of Powder or Highlighter (I use mine to set my concealer under my eyes amongst other things)


Buffing Brush- Perfect for application of foundations both powder and mineral


Pointed Foundation Brush- Perfect for liquid foundation


Essential Crease Brush- These tapered bristles are perfect for contouring the face or blending on the eyes.


Fine Liner Brush- Great for any gel liner.

Sam’s Picks Brushes

Real Techniques at Ulta

Love Ari