E.L.F. “Shine Eraser” Blotting Sheets

Its been so long! Well in short, both me and Gwen have been enjoying our summers and hustling hard to try and get by so we can do all the fun things we want to do. I am visiting New York for my birthday in 29 days and I cant wait for the much needed homecoming! Stay tuned for pics and posts from that exciting trip. This post is going to feature a summer “makeup” product that Ive found to be a staple for the heat. I dont normally do a full face of makeup (I dont like foundation) but Ive been known to dabble with some concealer, highligher and bronzer to liven up my face. I purchased this product after seeing a picture of me at a barbeque and my face looked so oily and greasy in my t-zone! I dont like lugging around powder and brushes, especially on days where Im rockin a small clutch or crossbody. I found this product at Target for a mere $3.00 and it works wonders! Your face will be totally mattified after using the shine eraser.

-Amazing slim packaging! It fits anywhere, and can even be slipped in your wallet.
-Easy to use, You just pull a sheet out and blot the areas with excess oil
-Dosent rub off/remove your makeup (If blotted correctly).
-Minimizes pores and the price point cannot be beat!

None! I love this product

Check this and all other E.L.F products sold online or at local stores like Target. They have affordable and necesarry products to help any girl look fab through the hot summer season.


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