Colourpop Ultra Matte 

Liquid lipsticks are all the rave at the moment, which means I had to test some of these bad boys out for myself. Loads of makeup brands have launched their own versions of these long wearing formulas including the fairly new brand Colourpop. Known for their fun notes and holographic packaging, Colourpop has delivered some great products thus far, including the ultra matte lipsticks. Here’s my honest opinion (based on the two shades I purchased).

Pros: very pigmented, about 4-5 hour wear, great price ($6)

Cons: dries very quickly, can flake a bit

Now let me elaborate on my cons. The texture/formulation is really thin and liquidy, which is why I feel that they dry quickly, you don’t have much time to work with the product once applied on the lips. Now on to flaking, this happened to me because I made a mistake applying it the first time, figured I could just add another layer but after it dried it began to flake off a bit. Basically you have to be quick and precise with these. I will also say that as many other liquid lipstick formulas these are drying but it’s nothing a little lip balm underneath can’t fix.

    Chocolate brown on top is Limbo, Mauve/Rosey on the bottom is Tulle.



Overall I feel that for the low price of $6 these are a really good buy. I’ve tried some higher end ones that feel the same way so why not save a few dollars, right?

Hope these swatches were of help for those wanting to purchase any of these shades. Which are you favorite liquid lipsticks? Leave comments and suggestions down below.

xx, Gwen

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

I was so excited when I saw Revlon’s new matte balm line! ( I mean what new lip product doesn’t make me super excited?) The original colorburst’s were my absolute favorite when they were first launched, I love the simple twist up tube because lets face it not many people have a sharpener on hand.

There are many matte lipsticks & balms that are a bit too drying for me, causing lots of cracking which I HATE! These bad boys are velvety smooth! They are made with shea, coconut and mango butters, so yes you guessed it not only do they glide on your lips smoothly (with intense color payoff might I add) they are also very nourishing. Shameless (#215) and Unapologetic (#210) were the two colors I chose and I couldn’t be happier. Check out some swatches below…




Hope these swatches were helpful to you all

Hasta Luego,


Mac Cosmetics “Ririwoo”

You’re like Jordans on a saturday, I gotta have you and I cannot wait now….

Or in my case I waited four hours!

So I may be late to jump on the bandwagon but I recently had the joy of waiting to buy Rihanna’s debut lipstick through MAC Cosmetics. I logged in faithfully at noon EST (when the launch started) and patiently watched as it took forever to load. I was at work and left the browser open as I continued on with my day. I left for lunch one hour later and almost gave up the cause but thought to myself “maybe I should stick this thing out” and if it was meant to be it would still be up when I came back. Here comes 3:50 and it’s almost time for me to clock out for the day and finally my order went through! Four hours waiting for a lipstick! Us females are seriously deranged and makeup crazed! I received it about a week later and I must say it was worth the wait and every penny! I’m actually upset I didn’t buy two! For starters I don’t own “ruby woo” which is the hue this one is based on but I love the fact that it looks so amazing on basically every skin tone. One of the major down sides to the original ruby woo is the “drying” or tight feeling it gives your lips (so I’ve heard). In swoops Riri-Woo! It’s such a similar color, with a slight hint of more moisture (in my opinion). It still doesn’t glide on as a normal lipstick would but its to be expected with such a matte color. This retro tint somehow looks perfect on so many skin tones and I love it as a new addition to my collection!









If you didn’t jump on it, she is going to launch other items through MAC all throughout this summer. Im sure someone must be selling them on sites like eBay & amazon as well.

Love love this red!