Sonia Kashuk Organized Travel Case

Hey everyone! As my sister said in her previous post its been a while! Summer time is all about having fun and enjoying the awesome weather. I myself have been doing just that in addition to embarking on two mini vacas this month. My first stop was Virginia Beach for the 4th of July weekend, it was an all girls trip and boy did we have a blast! The weekend after that I ventured off to the Hamptons, this was more of a work trip but I still managed to get some site seeing and beach time in.
All of this getaway talk brings me to my main focus of this post which is how to pack for a trip. I dont know about you guys but I literally want to bring my whole house with me whenever I go somewhere. Hair products alone would take up half of my weekend bag, this was obviously a problem until I found something that was quite helpful for me to be a bit more organized.
While walking through the aisles of Target I came across a bunch of Sonia Kashuk products on clearance.  I spotted a fold up travel case and immediately grabbed it. What caught my attention was the fun pattern and of course the price tag (it was on sale for $8.90 woohoo!) Anyway this has been such a life saver for me! It has so many compartments, which come in handy for hair, face and body products. The plastic zipper bags it comes with are clear which provid easy access to everything, they are also detachable in case you only need to take one of them for an overnight stay somewhere. It folds up by bringing the flaps inward, leaving extra room in my suitcase for clothes, shoes etc… and last but not least it has a hook in order to hang it once you’ve arrived at your destination.

All in all this was a great buy. I highly recommend purchasing something like this if you’re a woman on the go or just need to be chaos free when traveling.

What are some of your travel tips, ideas, suggestions? Share them in the comment section below.





Until next time my friends!

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