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What’s in a bag you say? Surely anyone can just throw one on that suits your taste and lifestyle but what if I told you bags could accentuate or minimize your god given assets? Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, each particular body type bringing its own unique quirks and charms. First thing’s first is learning what body type you have. The basic body shapes are hourglass,pear,apple and rectangle or (banana if we are sticking to the fruit theme). Some are sort of similar (hourglass and pear for instance) so be careful to really be honest with yourself in ascertaining your specific type. I myself am an apple; I have a full bust, smaller hips lean legs and carry my weight around my mid section and my lower body tapers off. Bags with varying shapes and sizes can alter your visual appearance. Here are a few tips and guidelines to follow when picking bags and tailoring “trends” to suit your individual needs.


Size and Shape are two huge components in factoring your look. I personally love a huge tote or hobo bag to throw everything in, but on days where I need more structure I am aware that other looks may be more suiting. Since I am a short and petite “apple” It would be in my best interest to stick with long straps and sleek shapes that hit right at the waist point. It’s normally best to steer clear from cross body bags that may cut across the chest and look unflattering and stick to classic smaller silhouettes. A baguette, sling shoulder bag or clutches are best suited for this shape.


If you are tall and “rectangle” shaped wearing slouchy or rounded bags add curves to your figure. Try factoring in something like a hobo or bucket bag with a longer straps (short straps that fall under your underarm make you appear much bigger).

"DONT"-This Smaller bag that hits Paris under her arm is cute but makes her appear even larger in comparison.

“DONT”-This Smaller bag that hits Paris under her arm is cute but makes her appear even larger in comparison.

DO- This longer slightly more "rounded" purse goes more cohesively with the long lines of her body. She doesnt look like a giant compared to her purse.

DO- This longer slightly more “rounded” purse is more cohesive with the long lines of her body. She dosent look like a giant compared to her purse.

Fuller and voluptuous figures such as diamonds or rounded shapes can go for larger boxy and structured bags to provide a contrast with their figures. Satchels and totes look great but steer clear of tiny patterns that may make you seem larger in comparison.


Lastly for the lovely “pears” and hourglass shapes you have the advantage of going both ways (structured or slouchy) depending on your height. Generally straps that hit right at your smallest point (that tiny waist) are the best in terms of aesthetic appeal.


Overall playing with your look and switching your purses is another fun aspect of being a fashion forward female. There are no rules to how one should dress, but it is also good to have “go to” pieces that you know in a bind will suit your body type perfectly.


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