Nivea Skin Firming Cellulite Serum

A couple of weeks ago I looked in the mirror while applying my daily lotion fresh out the shower and to my dismay I saw signs of dimples and uneven skin on the back of my thighs (right under my buttocks) some on the sides of my hips and on my actual derriere. Obviously this did not happen overnight but I can honestly say I have never noticed before. I am getting older (my 24 birthday is lurking around the corner) and with age apparently comes all these womanly problems that I’ve heard about from my sister but I’ve never had to face before. I can no longer eat whatever I want and live such a sedentary lifestyle as I am used to because of the consequences that ensue. Some weight gain (which I am glad for in certain places), and worst of all stretch marks and cellulite! I am going to try to embark on a healthier lifestyle and use all of my combined resources to improve my new-found bodies physical appearance.


Getting your mind wrapped around this notion will save you a lot of heartache. Working out, eating healthy can help the overall aesthetic as well as products can help reduce or diminish them-but not completely get rid of them. Genetics play a huge role and unfortunately my family’s got plenty of junk of the trunk to prove that.

Along with a new regiment for eating and physical activity, I have decided to try some products out for extra benefits. I chose Nivea’s Skin Firming Cellulite Serum for my first attempt at combatting this problem. It contains L-Carnitine, co enzyme Q10 & natural lotus extract. L-Carnitine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins) that is naturally produced in the body and has been stated to help break down the fat pockets that cause cellulite when applied externally. No clinical studies have proven this scientifically, but yet it is still included in a lot of anti-cellulite creams/serum because of its components. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant which is naturally produced in the body as well and aids to every cell function. It is said to increase the growth of collagen and elastin in the skin therefore obviously making way for newer healthier looking skin with less cellulite. Lastly the lotus extract is said to help firm the skin and I believe it to be responsible for the serums strong scent.

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skincare blog blogger fashion beauty cellulite nivea review

– I love the consistency of the product as it glides on smooth, is not too thick or thin and absorbs into my skin without leaving any sticky residue whatsoever.
– It does have a scent for those who are sticklers for smell but I don’t mind it much.
– Exfoliate first while in the shower in order to remove any dead skin cells on the surface and have your pores ready to soak this up.
– Massage the product vigorously in circular motions along the areas to promote blood flow and help ” break up” the fat deposits underneath the skin that cause the dimpling.

After using it for 2 weeks I do see and feel a difference (this is also in combination with eating better and exercising). My skin looks a little smoother and feels firmer. All in all I think the benefits outweigh the doubts about topical products in general. Yes they may not permanently get rid of the problem but it doesn’t hurt anyone to reduce them as much as possible using all the methods known.

Cons- The first two days of using this I did feel a slight tingly sensation after applying. I do not know if this was my skin getting used to the product or if it was all in my head. Either way it stopped after those initial days and now I have no issues applying it liberally in the morning. Consult with your doctor if you see any adverse side effects in using this or any topical products for the skin.


P.S. I chose not to post pictures of my actual results because that would be indecent! Just trust that I see a slight difference so far in the short time of using it =0).

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