Nip + Fab Cellulite Fix Review

As mentioned in my previous post Nivea Serum Review my new-found 24-year-old body has come along with cellulite in the most heinous way! I loved nivea’s serum but after it finished I figured Id try other products in order to not remain stagnant and constantly switch it up. No products will get rid of cellulite completely but along with good diet and exercise products do exist that can improve the condition dramatically. I picked up Nip + Fabs Cellulite Fix a body sculpting gel that is supposed to help with those unsightly bulges and unevenness. This caffeine packed formula is supposed to help “sculpt” and reduce the appearance of the cellulite using ingredients like indian forskolin (which is thought to aid in cell rejuvenation).

nip and fab cellulite fix

-Gel Formula feels cool and hydrating against my skin
-It is fast absorbing and doesn’t need to be constantly rubbed in
-Non sticky
-Pleasant smell (sort of like roses)
-Easy to apply (application is smooth)
-Availible at drugstores like Target and online
-Obvious results and reduction (remember no product will get rid of cellulite completely)

-Price point is not comparable to the nivea brand but it is a more “high-end product” from the UK
-It is 150ml and I wish it came with more product!

All in all I will continue to try out different brands and consistencies. So far I prefer this over nivea’s serum because of the gel like consistency and my overall results and usage of the product. Cellulite be gone!

Nip & Fab at Target

Cellulite Fix