Revlon by Marchesa Review

I love me an at home manicure and what else is better than a cute set to keep my nails looking proper at all times! My lovely sister sent an awesome care package that included these products (will feature the rest in a different post). The packaging and design make all the difference with these everyday items. In collaboration with Revlon designer Marchesa added a touch of pink and florals that really make the average tools that much more awesome!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure,

-The dual ended cuticle trimmer can be used to push back your cuticles as well as trim them up if needed.
-Nail clipper has a curved blade and small file
-The emery board has a floral design to file and also buff and shine on the opposite end
-The handy case protects and keep everything in place!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure,

She also included a mini “to go” tweezer set that includes a slant and point tip for all of my tweezing needs! How freaking adorable are these babies?!

revlon, marchesa, nail kit, nails, manicure, tweezers

This and other designs can still be found at your local drugstores like CVS, Walgreens as well as Target.

Off to pamper myself!