Storage Unit DIY

I know I teased this on Instagram a long time ago but the time has finally come to reveal my awesome DIY storage project for my room. I was on a bit of a décor kick as of recent and wanted to bring my interior style game up a notch now that I’m getting older. One way to do that was introducing mixed metals to my new mirrored furniture and find ways to incorporate natural elements like wood to make it cozier. A full room tour might be necessary in the near future! For now here is how I jazzed up this ordinary shelving unit to be perfect for my aesthetic.

Things you will need- Everything can be purchased from

  • Storage Unit
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Screwdriver or Drill (I only used a screwdriver)
  • Marble Contact Paper (or any pattern contact paper for that matter)
  • Pencil, Ruler and Scissors (or scrap booking knife)
  1. Prepare your work space with enough room, you will only need a screwdriver or drill (if you’re fancy)
  2. Follow the directions to screw each shelf to the columns (starting from the bottom helps)
  3. After its constructed take it to an outside open area and spray with gold paint, let dry and do a second coat
  4. Measure and cut pieces of contact paper with the pencil and ruler (make sure to write on the back portion of the paper not the visible marble part)
  5. Cut out the pieces and smooth them over the shelves with the ruler or a rag to smooth out any air bubbles
  6. Embellish shelves with books or home décor items, get creative!

I had originally planned on leaving the bottom shelf open for a hamper or larger items but later decided to add the missing shelf for a more cohesive look. I also plan on eventually getting some pull out mesh drawers from IKEA and de clutter it. For now I love the finished product and can’t wait to play around with the items and change them up for the seasons!





Gift Guide-Fashion + Accessories

The holiday season is among us and what better way to show someone you care than to surprise them with something special. I’ve put together a very short list of some go to items this season that will be sure to put a smile on that special someone’s face. Some of the items can be unisex and can be mixed and matched.

Cashmere Scarf– Can be Unisex (lets face it the average guy will never go out and buy themselves a scarf)and is utilitarian as well.
Midi rings– These babies are comparable to bobby pins and hair ties (they seem to go missing randomly) so always keeping a fresh pair around to jazz up any outfit is key.
Funky socks– Because, they’re fun! (Unisex)
Fur pom-pom anything– Whether you go the key chain route or incorporate the trend in your hair tie this look is everywhere this season and can spice up a purse or overall aesthetic.
Flannel– Another unisex option that everyone can get on board with. It can be worn as is, thrown around your waist and goes with almost any and every look known to man.
String Lights/ Marquee Lights– For the inner hipster inside all of us these interesting lights are affordable and can liven any space up.

Links down below!! XOXO- ARI

Untitled #10


“A Bloggers Thanksgiving”- Top 6 Fashion Items We Are Thankful For

As bloggers we are both inclined to always try new trends or styles in order to consistently stay abreast of all the latest and greatest. Although we love shopping and reviewing new things, there are those constant tried and true items that will always be staples in our lives and really stand the test of time. Here are our top 6 fashion items we are grateful exist in this world that make us look and feel our very best.

Top 6 things Ari & Gwen are grateful for this year-

Untitled #9


  1. Peplums/A-lines cuts- Neither of us were born with any God given curves on the bottom half and so we fake it till we make it! Peplums do a great job at hiding the tummy while giving the illusion of curves on the sides. A-lines cinch you in at your smallest point and then give the illusion of hips with the free flowing nature of the cut.
  2. V-Neck- Whether it be in the form of a dress or top V-necks work great to elongate the neck and show off our greatest assets. Having a bigger chest sometimes makes it hard to rock a standard rounded collar because it may mess with your proportions.
  3. Booties- As we both get older booties are taking the spotlight for most settings. Whether they are suede, leather or have some cut-outs they can be so versatile and much more comfortable than the alternative while still offering a polished look.
  4. Nude Sandals/Heels- For when it is absolutely required to rock a heel you cannot go wrong with a nude staple sandal. We love a matte leather finish that can transition from the work place to night with ease. Can we also say legs for days?
  5. Shapewear- We could write an entire blog post about this (we probably will sometime in the future). Not only does it suck you in all the wrong places, it also helps lift and accentuate the parts you are happy with. Not to mention it helps conceal your body with any sheer clothing and avoid that dreaded belly button outline we all hate.
  6. Denim/Leather/Anorak Jacket- You guys get the hint, basically any jacket will do! Not only do they keep you warmer in cooler temps but they also complete a look in a way that no other item can. Drape it over your shoulders, tie it around your waist or keep it on your body the old fashioned way, a jacket can dramatically change the entire look of an outfit from boring to fabulous.

All in all we are thankful for one another and our families and can’t wait to reunite for Christmas. Our blog is going in a great direction and we cannot wait to see what the future will bring.

Love Ari & Gwen

Kate Spade Agenda “Quick & Curious”

As you may or may not have guessed already, Kate Spade is my number one favorite contemporary women’s designer. Featured countless times here before, I love the way the brand merges modern feminine style with quirky and youthful pieces. The range of items is always classic yet with a fun twist. I knew for the start of Grad school I needed something to help keep me on track of my life and assignments and knew I could count on my favorite brand to deliver. I didn’t want just any old planner, but a distinctive one that would bring me some happiness on my many upcoming joyless nights I would be spent studying. I purchased the 2015-2016 planner with the quote “she is quick and curious and playful and strong”. I absolutely loved the color (although now I am worried about the wear on tear on this beautiful baby blue) and the quote really resonated with me and made me feel special. I printed out some pinterest art work based off of things I love and inspired by YouTube guru Summer Kellsey (New York, pin up girls, Paris, food etc) and proceeded to create a “theme” for each month. You can print your items on shipping labels to make for easier sticking or on regular paper as I did and just use glue to cut and paste the homemade stickers. I also incorporated some fun scrap booking elements that I always have stored from my scrap booking days (things like magazine cut-outs, glitter, and stickers). Have fun with this! You don’t have to decorate, it’s just as beautiful plain but I love the excitement it brings me to look at my “to do” list now that it’s all pretty. Links to the items can be found down below including our pinterest page where you can find some of the same graphics. Enjoy!

You will need:

  • Avery Shipping Labels- (only if you don’t wish to glue with regular glue)
  • Printer Paper
  • Scissors/ Glue
  • Odds and Ends that you find appealing to add (scrap book materials, photos etc.)

kate spade quick and curious agenda

My birthday month needed to be extra special! LEOS RULE!

My birthday month needed to be extra special! LEOS RULE!

"New York Minimalist"

“New York Minimalist”

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (3)

Each dividing month has an inspirational quote I love.

Each dividing month has an inspirational quote I love.

Use anything you'd like and get to decorating!

Use anything you’d like and get to decorating!

Kate Spade “Quick & Curious” Agenda
Avery Labels
Our Pinterest Page
Summer Kellsey Pinterest page

Toodles, Ari

“A Bloggers Thanksgiving”- Top 10 Things We Are Thankful For

Things We are Thankful for

As bloggers we are both inclined to always try new products or styles in order to consistently stay abreast of all the latest and greatest. Although we love shopping and reviewing new things, there are those constant tried and true items that will always be staples in our lives. Here are our top 10 items we are grateful exist in this world to make our lives just a bit more fulfilling.

Top ten things Ari & Gwen are grateful for this year-

  1. Coconut Oil– I mean, no explanation needed! Not only can this be used on your hair but also skin, nails/cuticles, food the list goes on and on!
  2. Dr. Scholls anything- From the inserts to the “fast flats” these products always save our tootsies from any emergency.
  3.  Pant/Skirt Hangers–  Something so simple, yet it keeps skirts and pants wrinkle and indentation free (velvet ones also help reduce lines but these are preferable).
  4. Lipstick– Any color, any finish, lipstick will always liven up your face and can be used in a pinch as blush as well.
  5. Fast Dry Top Coats– Because who has time to wait for nails to dry?
  6. Concealer– It helps us not look like zombies, covers and brightens like a dream!.
  7. Bronzer– You can contour and carve yourself out an entire new face or simply add some glow, bronzer is where its at any season.
  8. Scarves– Scarves galore! From thin to thick, infinity, patterned or even crotchet, scarves add an instant pop to any outfit. They also are functional keeping even the most coldest winds off your face and neck. Slip on a cool and cozy scarf and you’re ready to head out the door!
  9. Tote Bags– Besides carrying an everyday purse, tote bags can serve as food storage, gym bags, diaper bags, extra night out clothes bag, you name it! .
  10. Dry Shampoo– Last but certainly not least, when the world just dosent offer us the time to prep, Dry shampoo saves the day by taking away the shine on those non wash days.

All in all we are thankful for one another and our families and can’t wait to reunite for Christmas. Our blog is going in a great direction and we cannot wait to see what the future will bring.

Love Ari & Gwen

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit For Her

How freaking cute is this Pinch Provisions minimergency kit! I saw this baby at the Sephora check out line (don’t they always get you) and knew I needed it in my life the moment I laid eyes on it. The small packaging is genius and they offered a variety of colors to choose from besides the leopard print. I am someone who likes to be prepared for any catastrophic events that can occur (especially having to do with my wardrobe). It often happens that when I need that safety pin, or tide stick for example…I never have it! This little bag keeps everything you could possibly need in one convenient location that is easy to throw in any purse. 17 items for any and all malfunctions that could possibly occur, from tape, breath refreshments, bandaids,wipes and earring backs you are pretty set for any emergency you may face. It even had enough space for me to add even more bandaids and also a small tiny sample AVON lipstick that could be used for lips or cheeks. I love it and feel prepared when I step out the door now. Links below!


pinch minimergency for her, on the go, travel, just in case, emergency

pinch minimergency for her, on the go, travel, just in case, emergency


Yes all 17 items fit perfectly in this tiny pouch! I personally added more (normal sized) bandaids and the tiny lipstick sample.

Yes all 17 items fit perfectly in this tiny pouch! I personally added more (normal sized) bandaids and the tiny lipstick sample.

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit For Her


Gwen packs for Puerto Rico

Hey Everyone! So as you previously read my sister and I are going on a very much needed trip. We are so excited to see each other and will hopefully be able to snap a few photos of us together.
Although my packing technique is not as organized as Ari’s I’d like to believe that it is also a good method when trying to figure out what to bring along with you on a trip. So what I generally do is look at all of my products (hair, skin, makeup) and say to myself “will I really use this?” if my answer is no I obviously keep looking, if my answer is yes I place that item aside. Now another thing to consider when traveling is the climate of your destination as well as the duration of your stay. I snapped a few photos of what I will be taking for this trip (Sorry they are not tucked in neatly in my suitcase, I still haven’t officially packed Yikes!)



First order of business is of course suncare! Sunscreen/Sunblock is very much needed when out and about in the sun all day.

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

I know that most hotels and resorts provide lotion, shampoo conditioner and all that good stuff, but I personally like to bring my own things. I normally just buy small clear bottles and pour the product in.

Hair Care

Hair Care

Because we are going to be in the pool or beach most of the time, curly hair will be the way to go.



My skin hasn’t been behaving lately so I am taking a small bottle of acne cleanser and of course can’t forget my dirt, oil and makeup removing wipes.



This may seem like a lot of products but I did add a few items for the nights when we get all dolled up for a night on the town. My daytime essentials will most likely be my cc cream (which has spf), mascara, my brow wiz, a peachy blush and a lip butter or stain. Also check out a great travel piece for storing small items (like makeup) that Ive mentioned in a previous post from Sonia Kashuk. It is affordable and available at any target near you in varying prints and styles.

Hopefully this helped all of you traveling this summer to get an idea of what you should or shouldn’t bring with you.

Puerto Rico here we come!
Hasta Luego

*If you are curious about any product I posted or would like a review please comment down below. Thanks a bunch!

Pack w/ Ari for Puerto Rico!

So as some of you may already know my sister/co blogger and I live in two different states and don’t get to physically see each other that often (except for holidays and such). We have decided to take a “sisters” trip this weekend for some fun and relaxation in Puerto Rico! I am so excited to get away for a little bit and thought it would be awesome to share some packing tips for our 4 day, 3 night extravaganza. I will be going over some ways to best utilize your clothing and Gwen will go in further on another post on your makeup and hygiene products.

  1. First things first, assess how many days you will be gone and what type of climate you will be in. Google is your best friend on this matter.
  2.  If you don’t already have a set itinerary, have a general idea of what type of events/ outings you will be attending ie. mostly casual, conservative historical sites, festive night outs, or mostly beach bum days etc
  3.  Write down your basic clothing essentials so that you wont forget them and can easily check mark them once they are packed away (undies, bras, socks etc – Here is a List I like using for myself.
  4. Start with each day and run down the list of pre planned (or made up) activities that you will go through. For instance mine looks something like this.


    I am repeating many items for sake of saving room in my carry on (my sandals, purses, makeup, pjs just to name a few). I then take photos of everything laid out on my phone for reference. This process helps me not over pack and bring exactly what I need for each day keeping in account all different types of scenarios that may occur. I am so excited for my trip and I hope this helped anyone who struggles packing a bag (I still do sometimes). Stay tuned for detailed outfits of the day from this trip!






!!!!!!GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!

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So weve slightly surpassed our goal of 150 followers since the last giveaway at 100 and we couldnt be more excited!! Blogging is something that is not only a hobby for us but something that we truly enjoy doing. With time we hope to expand and continue to work on our craft to be able to reach different audiences. As a small token of appreciation we want to offer a giveaway prize to one of our followers for being a part of the beginning of this lovely journey. The rules are simple,

1.Like this post before June 10, 2014
2. Comment (on this post) on something you would like to see on the blog, or something you already currently enjoy about our blog.

That’s pretty much it!

NYX Goodies

NYX Goodies

The winner will be chosen through a generator and will receive some makeup goodies from NYX given to Gwen at NYC’s Beautycon Event. There is no way we could hoard and keep all these products to ourselves! Check out her previous post on that event as well as our previous 100 follower giveaway where one lovely winner received an awesome high end sample makeup set from ULTA. Make sure to comment and like before June 10th where we will be announcing the winner. Good luck & a big thank you to all of our followers! Next goal…200!


Love, Gwen & Ari

PS. We are now on bloglovin! Go check us out …

Grand Opening OOTD-Gap At Millenia Mall, Orlando FL

This weekend was a fun-filled event at the Mall of Millenia Grand re-opening of the GAP store. Held from 12-5pm the store featured select denim and dresses on sale for 50% off, snacks, musical talents from a DJ, photo booth and many raffles and prizes to be won. I went to check out the sales but also to be able to meet the lovely Fashion Guru Melanie Pace. She holds so many hats in the industry and is local born and raised here in Orlando! She was incredibly sweet in person and her website is now one of my newest obsessions to rave about. Check her out at I am wearing a matching striped suit from Target (old season), red pumps from forever 21, and my quilted Kate Spade bag to polish off the look. Top knot and camera in tow I captured these images to share with you guys. Links to items down below!

Red Forever 21 Faux Suede Pumps- Here & Here

Kate Spade Crossbody/Shoulder Bag- Here, Here & Here

These suits are so Awesome!

-Love Ari