* Giveaway Announcement *


vintage_helium_party_balloons_elvgren_pin_up_girl_clock-r6e7c9ba64d3d4fcd9b2d9fe53931a088_fup1y_8byvr_512Its about that time for a giveaway! As of today we are only 1 follower away from 100! Its been slow and steady progress for us as we got into the groove of posting more regularly and figuring out what our niche was. For those who consistently check our page out and like or comment we love and appreciate you. With that being said we will be choosing one random follower next week on January 23,2014 to win some special goodies from us. No need to do anything to enter besides just being a follower. Check us out continuously throughout this week for more regular post and stay tuned for the winner announcement next week. Next short term goal is 150 followers! Let’s get it!

Love Ari & Gwen


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