Denim on Denim

Hey everyone, I have another outfit of the day! I am so glad my sister was able to snap a few shots of yet another one of my favorite looks. While in Florida I was able to wear shorts and leave the house without a million layers on, how exciting right?  So lets jump right in! My previous look (Green with envy) was a more of a going out kind of outfit as oppose to this one which is super casual and trendy. I paired some older pieces with newer ones creating a laid back feel.

Top: Old Navy Button down light denim
Bottoms: Forever 21 Front camo spiked denim shorts (last summer)
Shoes: Forever 21 booties (again)
accessories: Bag Phillip Lim for Target, (borrowed from Ari) Watch Marc Jacobs, Bracelet Forever 21 and lion head necklace from street vendor.








Here are links to the actual items or similar ones:

Denim Top
Studded shorts and Boho Denim
Jaguar Bracelet
Lion head Necklace

* The Phillip Lim bag no longer exist at Target your best bet would be E bay or the full price handbag I linked above.

I have enjoyed posting outfit ideas very much and hope to be able to add some more soon,
till then my friends
– Gwen

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