Sparkle & Nude

Feeling sexy is subjective and it cannot be made more clear by the plethora of different looks and styles that are “trending”. Both me and my sister have very different views on what looks or makes us feel sexy and I have to say a good nude shoe has got to be top five for me. This outfit is based off this old season pair of sandals/heels from forever 21. I love the way they elongate my leg (as a proper tone nude shoe is supposed to) and the sparkle detail gives it a pop that I love! This is such a special shoe in that it can be paired so many different ways and everytime I wear them I feel chic and pretty while at the same time being a little enticing. This time I played off the neutrals vibe and wore a sheer creme top with rolled up sleeves, for a nice element of surprise I chose neon yellow/green shorts from the Jennifer Lopez collection at Kohls. The body chain added another sexy touch as it defined my waist a little bit from the oversized shirt.

forever 21, kohls, lime, green, fashion, ootd, curls, curly hair
body chain, jennifer lopez shorts, kohl's, sheer, shirt, ootd, casual, fashion,









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Get the sparkly feel with these beauties from Jeffrey Campbell, Aldos and Forever 21

High Waisted Shorts- Boo Hoo

Body Chain- Ebay, Ebay, Ebay, Asos

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