!!!!!!GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!

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So weve slightly surpassed our goal of 150 followers since the last giveaway at 100 and we couldnt be more excited!! Blogging is something that is not only a hobby for us but something that we truly enjoy doing. With time we hope to expand and continue to work on our craft to be able to reach different audiences. As a small token of appreciation we want to offer a giveaway prize to one of our followers for being a part of the beginning of this lovely journey. The rules are simple,

1.Like this post before June 10, 2014
2. Comment (on this post) on something you would like to see on the blog, or something you already currently enjoy about our blog.

That’s pretty much it!

NYX Goodies

NYX Goodies

The winner will be chosen through a generator and will receive some makeup goodies from NYX given to Gwen at NYC’s Beautycon Event. There is no way we could hoard and keep all these products to ourselves! Check out her previous post on that event as well as our previous 100 follower giveaway where one lovely winner received an awesome high end sample makeup set from ULTA. Make sure to comment and like before June 10th where we will be announcing the winner. Good luck & a big thank you to all of our followers! Next goal…200!


Love, Gwen & Ari


PS. We are now on bloglovin! Go check us out …http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12340193

9 thoughts on “!!!!!!GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!

  1. Love the blog ladies! Keep up the good work! I love the different look ideas you guys share on your blog, both make-up and outfits. They’re always fab & very helpful! With the warm weather approaching I would love to see different hairstyles I can play around with to keep away from my boring every day look…

    Keep the posts coming! 😀

  2. Wow that’s a lovely amount of stuff!
    Congrats on reaching 150 subscribers by the way 🙂 I love outfit posts because they inspire me to dress better! xo

    • NYX was very generous with the gift bags! Thank you for the lovely congrats! We are excited for the things to come, some of which include more outfits by yours truly to hopefully inspire some summer ideas.

      Thanks for the input and you are entered for the giveaway!


  3. I like NYX and their quality. Congrats on the subscribers! I always like looking at your shoes on your posts:)

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