Worth the picture still…

Although this post may be a bit delayed I still wanted to share a small moment with me and my sister and co blogger Gwen. She came to visit Florida for the holidays and per usual we didn’t get as much blogging or pictures as we would have hoped due to actually spending time together like normal people. It’s sad to say most times these perfectly curated and set up photos are what people post to show how much of a “good time” they are having. In reality they aren’t present in the moment and just experiencing everything from behind a lens. On this day we went to a Lakeridge winery (beautiful location close to home) and sampled some amazing wines. My outfit was inspired by this cool denim buttoned overall dress purchased from Forever 21. I wanted to keep everything else lady like and in proportion so I went with an old navy basic striped round collar shirt, nine west black patent leather booties, asos frilly socks, urban outfitters sunnies and my neutral Kate Spade chain link purse with my signature puff ball accessory. Links to items can be found below. Don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones and appreciate the non-picture perfect moments in between.







Forever 21 Denim Overall Dress

Asos Jonathan Aston Socks

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses


Giveaway Winner Announcement!


So we have slightly surpassed our 250 followers goal for last year and are more than happy to host another giveaway to bring in 2015. The lucky winner of some makeup and skin care goodies this time is the lovely Rosemary Christine! Next up, lets get to 300 so we can giveaway some more prizes to our dedicated followers! Thanks to those who entered and there will be plenty more of these to come in the future. Lets get to 300!!

Winner- Rosemary Christine
Ig- Rosemary_Christine

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With so much love,

Ari & Gwen

“A Bloggers Thanksgiving”- Top 10 Things We Are Thankful For

Things We are Thankful for

As bloggers we are both inclined to always try new products or styles in order to consistently stay abreast of all the latest and greatest. Although we love shopping and reviewing new things, there are those constant tried and true items that will always be staples in our lives. Here are our top 10 items we are grateful exist in this world to make our lives just a bit more fulfilling.

Top ten things Ari & Gwen are grateful for this year-

  1. Coconut Oil– I mean, no explanation needed! Not only can this be used on your hair but also skin, nails/cuticles, food the list goes on and on!
  2. Dr. Scholls anything- From the inserts to the “fast flats” these products always save our tootsies from any emergency.
  3.  Pant/Skirt Hangers–  Something so simple, yet it keeps skirts and pants wrinkle and indentation free (velvet ones also help reduce lines but these are preferable).
  4. Lipstick– Any color, any finish, lipstick will always liven up your face and can be used in a pinch as blush as well.
  5. Fast Dry Top Coats– Because who has time to wait for nails to dry?
  6. Concealer– It helps us not look like zombies, covers and brightens like a dream!.
  7. Bronzer– You can contour and carve yourself out an entire new face or simply add some glow, bronzer is where its at any season.
  8. Scarves– Scarves galore! From thin to thick, infinity, patterned or even crotchet, scarves add an instant pop to any outfit. They also are functional keeping even the most coldest winds off your face and neck. Slip on a cool and cozy scarf and you’re ready to head out the door!
  9. Tote Bags– Besides carrying an everyday purse, tote bags can serve as food storage, gym bags, diaper bags, extra night out clothes bag, you name it! .
  10. Dry Shampoo– Last but certainly not least, when the world just dosent offer us the time to prep, Dry shampoo saves the day by taking away the shine on those non wash days.

All in all we are thankful for one another and our families and can’t wait to reunite for Christmas. Our blog is going in a great direction and we cannot wait to see what the future will bring.

Love Ari & Gwen

And the Giveaway Winner is…….!

We’ve chosen a winner for our 200 follower giveaway! The lovely Katie H. has won our Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings Collection!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

giveaway winner announcement

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and leave us feedback and comments! We will definitely be taking those into consideration as well as doing many more giveaways in the future as our blog grows. Next goal is 250!

Ari & Gwen

Hello world!

Two sisters from two different cities have joined forces to take on the fashion & beauty world one smart shopper at a time! First order of business, who are we and why read our blog amongst the other million blogs out there? So here goes, we love beauty and fashion, particularly hunting for bargains at ALL COST. Despite the distance we shop, have fun and we want to share our special bond with the world!

Read on for some good fashion finds, funny quips, and lots of great pics that hopefully inspire or at the very least entertain you.