Paris is always a good idea

Another bank holiday has rolled around in England causing the urge to book a quick city break. I chose Paris! the city of lights, one of those most magical and romantic cities of all time (so I’ve heard). I am insanely excited! I wanted to quickly share with you all what I packed for my long weekend getaway. Focusing on makeup and some key pieces I felt were necessary. I also got some fun tips from “Parisian Chic” a style guide by Ines de la Fressange. Let’s begin!

Choosing what makeup to bring is always so hard for me, especially lipsticks I mean how can a girl anticipate what color she’ll want to wear for the next three days? (Champagne problems). I tried to focus on my holy grail products and a variety of what I consider to be classic lip shades.



For clothes I pretty much chose basics ie; jeans, a denim button down, striped t-shirt and a little black dress for a night out. Two pieces I want to give special attention to are my faux leather jacket and side slit blouse. I purchased them both at Newlook.

A motorcycle inspired jacket can easily transform an outfit into chic and edgy. I love the contrast of pairing it with something a bit more feminine to balance out the asthetic of the look.

This side slit blouse is all the rave in London (I’m assuming it is back home as well). I love the slight sexiness it posses as you’re mostly covered up in the chest area but can show off a bit of skin without being too much.

If you haven’t already noticed I am pretty much obsessed with wearing black. Normally I am all about color but lately black pieces have taken over my wardrobe. Wearing black makes me feel like I’m in a classic piece (even if it’s only a plain black t-shirt). This was also confirmed while reading the “Parisian Chic” book.

  Stay tuned for my Paris adventures!

xx Gwen

Gwen packs for Puerto Rico

Hey Everyone! So as you previously read my sister and I are going on a very much needed trip. We are so excited to see each other and will hopefully be able to snap a few photos of us together.
Although my packing technique is not as organized as Ari’s I’d like to believe that it is also a good method when trying to figure out what to bring along with you on a trip. So what I generally do is look at all of my products (hair, skin, makeup) and say to myself “will I really use this?” if my answer is no I obviously keep looking, if my answer is yes I place that item aside. Now another thing to consider when traveling is the climate of your destination as well as the duration of your stay. I snapped a few photos of what I will be taking for this trip (Sorry they are not tucked in neatly in my suitcase, I still haven’t officially packed Yikes!)



First order of business is of course suncare! Sunscreen/Sunblock is very much needed when out and about in the sun all day.

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

I know that most hotels and resorts provide lotion, shampoo conditioner and all that good stuff, but I personally like to bring my own things. I normally just buy small clear bottles and pour the product in.

Hair Care

Hair Care

Because we are going to be in the pool or beach most of the time, curly hair will be the way to go.



My skin hasn’t been behaving lately so I am taking a small bottle of acne cleanser and of course can’t forget my dirt, oil and makeup removing wipes.



This may seem like a lot of products but I did add a few items for the nights when we get all dolled up for a night on the town. My daytime essentials will most likely be my cc cream (which has spf), mascara, my brow wiz, a peachy blush and a lip butter or stain. Also check out a great travel piece for storing small items (like makeup) that Ive mentioned in a previous post from Sonia Kashuk. It is affordable and available at any target near you in varying prints and styles.

Hopefully this helped all of you traveling this summer to get an idea of what you should or shouldn’t bring with you.

Puerto Rico here we come!
Hasta Luego

*If you are curious about any product I posted or would like a review please comment down below. Thanks a bunch!

Pack w/ Ari for Puerto Rico!

So as some of you may already know my sister/co blogger and I live in two different states and don’t get to physically see each other that often (except for holidays and such). We have decided to take a “sisters” trip this weekend for some fun and relaxation in Puerto Rico! I am so excited to get away for a little bit and thought it would be awesome to share some packing tips for our 4 day, 3 night extravaganza. I will be going over some ways to best utilize your clothing and Gwen will go in further on another post on your makeup and hygiene products.

  1. First things first, assess how many days you will be gone and what type of climate you will be in. Google is your best friend on this matter.
  2.  If you don’t already have a set itinerary, have a general idea of what type of events/ outings you will be attending ie. mostly casual, conservative historical sites, festive night outs, or mostly beach bum days etc
  3.  Write down your basic clothing essentials so that you wont forget them and can easily check mark them once they are packed away (undies, bras, socks etc – Here is a List I like using for myself.
  4. Start with each day and run down the list of pre planned (or made up) activities that you will go through. For instance mine looks something like this.


    I am repeating many items for sake of saving room in my carry on (my sandals, purses, makeup, pjs just to name a few). I then take photos of everything laid out on my phone for reference. This process helps me not over pack and bring exactly what I need for each day keeping in account all different types of scenarios that may occur. I am so excited for my trip and I hope this helped anyone who struggles packing a bag (I still do sometimes). Stay tuned for detailed outfits of the day from this trip!