Spring Forward 

It is technically Spring in the North East, although it seems as if winter wants to stick around a little bit longer. For the most part I enjoy wearing which ever color I fancy on my nails, but I do tend to stick to darker hues for the winter and lighter for the summer. Which is why I went ahead and dug up some of my favorite pastel colored nail polishes in lieu of the “warmer” weather. Check them out…

From left to right:

EssieBikini So Teeny (Periwinkle blue shade, with a slight shimmer)

Essie – Mint Candy Apple (Minty turquoise shade)

OPIYou’re such a Budapest (Periwinkle purple shade)

EssieA Crewed Interest (Light peach shade)

Barry M Coconut (Milky Off white shade)

All of thee Essie and OPI shades were purchased either online through Amazon.com or at local drugstores/beauty supply stores. The Barry M nail polish might also be available on Amazon, but I purchased mine in the UK.


These five shades are great spring staples and are muted enough to wear even at the office (except for the minty blue). Hope you enjoyed this quick post and please share down below what some of your favorite “springy” nail polishes are.

Until next time,

xx, Gwen

Deborah Lippmann Summer Lacquers

One of my favorite parts of summer is being able to brighten up not only your wardrobe and makeup but also your nail polish. Bold colors are an instant pick me up when looking down at your hands and toes. You can all imagine how excited I was when I received the Deborah Lippmann 80’s rewind summer collection nail lacquers. These colors are super pigmented and the crème formula has a great consistency. There are some lacquers that are a bit runny or too thick but these are very easy to work with. I actually painted my own nails which is something I cannot do with every nail polish.

Here’s a closer look at these gorgeous colors

Left to Right: Whip it, Walking on Sunshine, Don't stop believing, She drives me crazy, Maniac, Video killed the radio star

Left to Right: Whip it, Walking on Sunshine, Don’t stop believing, She drives me crazy, Maniac, Video killed the radio star


I am currently wearing "Don't stop Believing" the perfect red-orange color

I am currently wearing “Don’t stop Believing” the perfect red-orange color

These Nail Lacquers are available online or at your local Sephora, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.

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* Special Thank you to Diana from Deborah Lippmann’s PR department for reaching out and being so kind to send samples over.

Happy weekend everyone!