Down Home Style

Staying on the short and sweet trend, this look was created somewhere from the depth of my little soul where I still am that regular Spanish girl from Queens but with a twist! I love these loose-fitting sweat pants with leather pocket detailing I got from Forever 21 (these were the starting point). Since I was heading to New York I decided to forgo my usual Florida crop top’s and keep it classic with a white wife beater. My ID choker is a little Rihanna inspired and was purchased on eBay (you can find different versions all over the internet) and my leather black cap is from ASOS. The final addition was only added on my actual birthday when I received these Timberland’s as a gift from my bf. I looooovvveee them! Not only are they an amazing throwback to 90’s style …(or current ode to construction workers all around the world) they also are super easy to style and comfortable for all that walking I did in the city. Now that I’m back home in sunny Florida I would probably go with a crop top and heels since I don’t do much walking. Check out the photo’s below for links to the products.




Products (click on photos for links)

ASOS Close up image of Leather Cap

ASOS Close up image of Leather Cap

Forever 21 Lounge Sweatpants $19.80

Forever 21 Lounge Sweatpants $19.80

Marled Athletic Inspired Pants $19.80

Marled Athletic Inspired Pants $19.80

Varsity Sweats $19.80

Varsity Sweats $19.80

eBay ID Choker

Forever 21 ID choker

Timberland Classic Wheat Boot



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