The Woes of Letting Go


Fall is approaching and although its pretty darn hot in Florida all the way up until December (maybe even January) I still love to pretend and transition my closet so that my “fall” appropriate clothes are easier to access. Gwen is the queen of this considering she has less closet space and more actual fall/winter clothes to work with. I chose to embark on this yesterday but instead found that I had a lot of clothes that I needed to get rid of completely instead of rotate. Everyone has those items in your closet that you are not willing to part with or have some sort of value. Some tips on how I managed to get rid of some things

1. Assess where you are in your life
I just turned 24 and I am in a place where I am needing to hold on to more staple pieces and classic silhouettes for the daily grind of the workforce. The majority of my clothes should be able to transition smoothly between both worlds.

2. Dress for your environment/climate
It is always extremely hot where I live so shorts, tanks, and anything else skin baring is almost a given (as long as they are in good condition and vary in colors and styles).

3. Set some standards
Clothes that are stretched, pilling, fading, or even stained have got to go. You can keep certain pieces if they are classic articles just as keepsakes (do not actually wear them out) but most can be donated or thrown out. Just because it “still fits” does not mean you should keep it on your body.

4. Know your size
I am extremely guilty of this one as I got rid of lots of clothes that I’ve had since freshman year of highschool (10 years ago). I do not weigh 95 pounds anymore and I never ever will. Point blank. If you are proactively working on losing weight then by all means keep those clothes, but if that’s not the case then get rid of them. Holding on to those will only make you sad and hold you back from dressing the body you are currently in! Plus donating gives these pieces new life and you never know who may benefit from it versus it sitting in your closet.

5. Lastly, keep the clothes that are special. Really take the time to think about the last time you wore it, how it made you feel and if its worth taking up the space. Dont just stop at clothing, look at shoes, accessories and even jewelry.

I got rid of one full garbage bag of items that will most likely be donated and quickly replaced with new and fabulous things!

Cheers to late spring cleaning!


End Result should look like this, Fabulous and Exhausted!

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