Drop Crotch Faux Leather Pants

Casual relaxed days are the best as the seasons are slowly but surely shifting. I love giving myself an edgier look on days when its a little overcast and I am able to wear different fabrics that would normally make me melt in the Florida sun otherwise. These drop crotch faux leather sweat pants were purchased on my birthday trip to New York at necessary clothing boutique in Soho. I haven’t had the chance to wear them seeing as they would literally stick to my skin in 95 degree weather. The slight difference between harem and drop crotch is that harem pants have overall volume on the sides as well as a lowered rise. Drop crotch pants are typically fitted throughout the hips and only feature an extended crotch (no overall bagginess on the sides). I paired them with a comic strip print crop top from rainbow, target studded Sam & Libby sandals and my clear chain link clutch from eBay. Links below!

rainbow faux leather harem blog blogger drop crotch clear clutch top knot

forever 21 faux leather sweats blog post clear transparent bag

ebay purchase clear bag forever 21 blog post chain link

faux elather edgy looks sandals crop top




eBay Clear Chain Link Clutch

Comic Crop Top

Faux Leather Pants

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