The Perfect “Holiday Heel” +OOTD

While gift shopping at my local mall I came across these bad boys and knew they had to be mine immediately! Not only are they incredibly sexy but they are functional and within a limited budget! Forget everyone’s gifts, I was in heaven prancing around Forever 21 deciding which size suited me best. I opted for my standard size 6, although the 5.5 did fit me I felt slightly less tension on the back with my normal size. The “Modernist Buckled Heel” offers a cool funky geometric cut with two buckled ankle straps. They are as stylish and classic as heels but are comfortable enough to be compared to wedges as well. They are faux suede and come in at a cool $32.80, whats not to love? I styled them with old season zebra harem pants (also from forever 21) and a crisp white button up suitable for work attire or a casual day out. Simple minimalist jewelry and my hair up in braids. I love how they can transition easily from day to-night and I will be making use of these babies for some time to come. Links Below!

forever 21 heels wedges black

forever 21 black heels wedges

forever 21 zebra harem pants white button up heels

forever 21 zebra harem pants heels black wedges





Buckled Heels

Similar Zebra Print Pants

Zebra Harem Pants

Zebra Knit Leggings

Classic Woven Button Up

❤ Ari

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