Camden Town

This past weekend my adventures took me a bit north to Camden Town, famously known for its markets, live music and home to the late Amy Winehouse. I walked in and out of the markets browsing, taking all of the energy in and of course stopping to eat some local food. Here’s a look at my day…

Tube Station

Tube Station


Found the food!

Found the food!

Quotes & Sayings

Quotes & Sayings

Love me some Elephants

Love me some Elephants




Who goes to a market without doing a bit of shopping? I was really interested in picking up some original pieces such as artwork or jewelry. Here’s a closer look at what I found…

The Photographs in the middle were taken by photographer: Antonio Duran

These rings were designed and made by an Italian woman.

Paying my respects to Amy:

“You left for London when you were nineteen
Had to pawn all your nice clothes, just living on dreams
A man in the bright lights took all that you own
Now he’s taken your freedom for a taste unknown”- Hey little rich girl


I leave you all with a selfie, which I shamelessly took with my new favorite device, yes you guessed it, a selfie stick. No judgement please. Also I never want to take off this scarf!

See you soon dolls!

Thanks to Themayfairy for the great suggestion!



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