London Eats 

For this post I thought I’d switch things up a bit and mention a few of my favorite places to eat in and around London. It is now coming down to the wire my friends (1 short day left) such a bitter sweet feeling, but anyways on to the delicious food.

Before arriving lots of people warned me about how “bad” the food is in England but let me inform you that it is not! I mean you can’t go wrong with fish and chips, a Sunday roast because who doesn’t love meat, potatoes & Yorkshire pudding? If you don’t fancy typical English dishes hop on the tube to any of the food markets and you’ll find a huge variety from all over the world! Here are a few of my favorites! 

The Bolingbroke (Clapham) – Sunday Roast  

Granger & Co. (Notting Hill) – Ricotta hotcakes, banana & honey comb butter. 

Borough Market (London) – Beef Curry & Paella (yes I mixed the two because why not?)

Camden Market: (Camden) Gluten free Tacos & Horchata/ Agua de coco   

Kettners (Soho) –  Afternoon tea 

The Regency Cafe (London) Easy Peezy English Breakfast (only thing missing is black pudding but I am not a fan)  

Fish and Chips (Camden Lock)   

Bangers and Mash (prepared by my boss) 

  I also want to mention The Black Swan (Pub located in Surrey) for the best Sunday Roast outside of London! 

I also want to mention that the Indian food in England is the best I’ve ever had, so good that I’ve never had the chance to take a photo of it.  An amazing place to go to is Tayyabs in London as well as Aladin on Brick Lane rd. 

I know this is outside of our normal posts but I could not pass up on sharing some of the wonderful places my mouth has had the pleasure of meeting. Hopefully this didn’t make you all too hungry. Maybe this could be of help for anyone traveling to England in the future. Take care lovelies 

xx, Gwen 

Camden Town

This past weekend my adventures took me a bit north to Camden Town, famously known for its markets, live music and home to the late Amy Winehouse. I walked in and out of the markets browsing, taking all of the energy in and of course stopping to eat some local food. Here’s a look at my day…

Tube Station

Tube Station


Found the food!

Found the food!

Quotes & Sayings

Quotes & Sayings

Love me some Elephants

Love me some Elephants




Who goes to a market without doing a bit of shopping? I was really interested in picking up some original pieces such as artwork or jewelry. Here’s a closer look at what I found…

The Photographs in the middle were taken by photographer: Antonio Duran

These rings were designed and made by an Italian woman.

Paying my respects to Amy:

“You left for London when you were nineteen
Had to pawn all your nice clothes, just living on dreams
A man in the bright lights took all that you own
Now he’s taken your freedom for a taste unknown”- Hey little rich girl


I leave you all with a selfie, which I shamelessly took with my new favorite device, yes you guessed it, a selfie stick. No judgement please. Also I never want to take off this scarf!

See you soon dolls!

Thanks to Themayfairy for the great suggestion!



Gift giving guide

It’s that time of year again where everyone is busy running around looking for the perfect gift to give, we figured why not come up with our own ideas on what to get all of the special people in your life. We created four categories below: the college student, the foodie, the makeup beginner and the picky mom (but feel free to swap them out as you see fit). Hope this helps! -Links Below

College Student a.k.a busy/broke/exhausted young individuals: What a better way to go back to school than with a new planner for the year! A handy key chain for those that lose things all the time (like me), Headphones for those walks to class or when you want to tune out your roommate, Flawless mug because, well Beyonce duh! and lastly Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee for the late night cramming sessions (or that night you partied way too hard).

College Student


 Foodie Friends- Groupon deals and this other hot sauce link are also great alternatives. Hot sauce, because for those that love it they REALLY love it and the hotter the better is what I usually hear people say, Star wars light up chopsticks, need I say more? A picnic basket for those yummy outdoor lunches, A roomy enough back pack for those on the go (say NYC) and need to carry their food everywhere, and lastly no man wants to barbecue in a girly apron, in comes this manly one.



Mom gift guide: Pajamas,I mean who doesn’t need them? Jewlery: If your mom has a pandora bracelet she would love the mom charm to add to her collection.A monogrammed mug for the tea and coffee lovers. For the mom who loves to cook an engraved cutting board is such a nice personalized way to go, you can even engrave one of her favorite recipes on it! and Lastly a spa day because we all know moms are the superheroes of the family who need a break from time to time.


New to the makeup world: Some sort of palette is the best way to go when buying for a makeup beginner. It is so convenient to have everything all in one place. A compact mirror and makeup bag is always needed as well.

Makeup Lover


That is all everyone we really hope you enjoy this quick quide.
Happy Holidays,
Gwen & Ari