Marc Jacobs 

The lovely team at Influenster* sent us the new Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara and I couldn’t be more excited to try it, I’m all about voluminous lashes!  Let’s get the logistics out of the way, it retails for $26 and is sold at Sephora, department stores and all major Marc Jacobs counters. The packaging is an all black multidimensional, lightweight tube. The formula is more on the dry side (which I prefer in a mascara) the consistency isn’t too thick or goopy making it a breeze to apply. The wand has many various sized bristles, perfect for getting in between your lashes. Here’s a closer look…



Without Mascara

With Mascara   

Although I loved the length it gave me, I feel it could have been more voluminous. I did only apply one coat (perhaps I needed to apply another one) but I normally don’t apply several coats of Mascara because I feel it clumps up. It did flake a little once I rubbed my eyes at the end of the day, but overall it’s a good formula and I would recommend it.

Here I am running errands wearing the mascara. So far so good!

*Review is my personal and honest opinion.

Mascara Link

Till the next time lovelies!

xx, Gwen

10 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs 

  1. My first go-to makeup item is mascara. It’s the thing I like to use the most but lately my eyes have been bothering and getting dry to I’ve been using non to little eye makeup. And now my mascara is dry and I’ve been looking for a new one to try. I have short and very small amount of lashes so I have to look extra hard for something that sits well with and helps my baby lashes. Do you recommend any other one besides this one? I grew up using waterproof because it’s the only way my lashes stayed curled but now am totally okay with non waterproof. Have you tried the lash serum mascara so many ppl are talking about? Also, can we get together soon for a makeup date? Xoxo!

    • I love mascara too, Really opens up the eye! Eye dryness can happen to me as well especially during allergy season, there are a few that I have tried that actually burn when I wear them (I won’t be recommending those) my other favorite mascara is Urban Decay Perversion, L’Oreal Voluminous is my go to drugstore and this other L’Oreal one that I found when I was in London (but the U.S doesn’t carry it). Do you use a eyelash curler? I know many are against them but I cannot live without one. I have not tried a lash serum but that sounds interesting. And yesssss we can totally get together! I want to plan a beauty day with all the girls, I’ll keep you posted! 😘

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