Sisters in London

First and foremost we would like to apologize for going so many days without posting (we have a good reason, promise!). Ari and our mom came all the way to London to visit me for a few days, it was a short trip but none the less packed with loads of fun! They spilt their time between London, Barcelona & Paris (insane I know).

In this post I want to share an outfit I put together for a day out in London as well as our amazing time at Kettners for Afternoon Tea.

I knew our day in London consisted of loads of walking so I wanted to be comfortable yet polished as we were going to be having Afternoon Tea. I chose this “nothing to wear” tee shirt from Asos which I think is utterly adorable, don’t we all have this problem ladies? Because I chose such a simple top I decided to pair it with my blue velvet skater skirt from Forever 21 which gave the outfit a nice twist to a mostly all black look. I then threw on some tights, my trusty studded boots and my new baby, the Cambridge satchel.

Afternoon Tea at Kettners was absolutely fabulous! I was highly impressed with the array of sandwiches and delicious pastries we were served. My drink of preference is normally coffee but the peppermint tea at Kettners tasted like no other!

It was such a great weekend! One we will never ever forget! I leave you all with a photo of Ari and I in front of Buckingham Palace.  

  Till next time! 

Gwen xx

What is Love?


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (but really I’m all for celebrating love at any given day of the year). In this post I wanted to focus on a type of love that is slowly but surely being spoken of more often and that is: self LOVE.

Recently I purchased an Alex and Ani (Click here to read their story) bangle but, of course was having a hard time deciding which symbol to choose from (they are all so lovely) that is until I came across the path of life one. Alex and Ani describe it as “Emblematic of life’s zenith and nadir moments, the Path of Life is representative of an infinite number of possibilities and expressions of Love. Illustrating life’s twists, turns, and unexpected winds, wear the path of life’s charm to proudly celebrate your own willingness to travel towards life’s fruitful moments”. This really resonated with me as I purchased it right before making the big move to England. What also rang true in my heart was how it represents infinite possibilities and expressions of Love. Leading to my point of self love and how there are so many way to express it to oneself. For example: Having “me time”, treating yourself to something you’ve really been wanting, pushing yourself but also being considerate and realizing you are doing the best you can and so many more, the list is infinite!

(I also have the “Best Friends half one which I gifted to one of my amazing girlfriends)

Having someone to love and care for whether it be a partner, parents, siblings, friends is one of the most amazing gifts of life but it all begins with you.

I have the original Path of life charm but for Valentine’s Day Alex and Ani have created the heart version if it.

Alex and Ani heart Path of Life

Alex and Ani Path of Life