Nasty Gal-Shoe Cult Strut Cutout Bootie

Here is my formal introduction to my new additions in my heel collection (more like my children). These amazing heels are the “Strut Cutout Bootie” from the much-anticipated Shoe Cult collection from NastyGal. I originally wanted these as soon as I saw them on the site but the hefty price tag left me having to wait for them to go on sale or find a similar item. I found and featured a similar pair from forever 21 and while I love those as well I still longed for my original infatuation. They finally went on sale and I jumped at the opportunity to get them at less than half the original price! Such as with the forever 21 pair I also had to size down to a 5.5 with these and the straps still fit a little loosely around my ankle (not too noticable). The patent leather and plastic strap add interest and the mega tall chunky heel is the perfect cross between casual and sexy night-time appeal.I paired them with a color block Jessica Simpson collection tie dress and my pink hermes click clack bracelet for a slight hint of color. Links below to similar items!

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Cutout Booties- NastyGal, Forever 21, Forever 21, TopShop
Jessica Simpson Dresses- Here, Here and Here

DKNY Dress

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