Forever alone & Forever 21

I went out alone for the first time last night! It was sort of liberating…yet scary at the same time. Who knew you could have fun rollin with a clique of 1? It was freezing last night and the 180 lounge was hosting a fashion show by the lovely studio by keliann. I got to meet Kaylani from viva_glam_kay (from instagram). She was super sweet and gracious even though I felt like the only creeper (alone wanting a picture). Overall the night was fun/socially awkward and my outfit was a hit!. I am wearing a coral zippered jacket from target (purchased on clearance so its not available on the site anymore), polka dot bustier from forever 21 and my new houndstooth high waist leggings that Im obsessed with! (forever 21). Normally I am against wearing leggings as pants but I had to make an exception for these considering I felt like I was slaying in them (high waist & tight =super confidence booster)

Slaying em'

Houndstooth Leggings

Polka Dot Bustier

Similar Blazer

Similar Jacket

Im loving my new found boldness. Go ME!

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