2015 Favorites 

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating, now let’s get ready to tackle 2016! I wanted to quickly mention some of my favorite products of 2015 before we become bombarded with all of the 2016 releases. Here goes…


From top left to bottom right

Makeup Forever Ultra HD – Foundation (shade 128) *Disclaimer I’ve only been using this foundation for a month but I already love it! It has an amazing satin/natural finish to it. 

Chloe eau de parfum – This is my third bottle, need I say more? It’s a bit floral with a clean undertone. You must smell it! 

Schwarzkopf Biotin Volume and Texture Powder – This bad boy works miracles on my limp hair, just sprinkle some on my roots and boom instant fullness! 

Charlotte Tilbury Swish and Pop Blusher (shade ecstasy) – I will forever love this blush because one I bought it in London and two because it is such a gorgeous peachy/pink shade which is super easy to blend. 

L.A Girl Pro Concealer (orange correcting shade) *disclaimer I also just purchased this about 2 months ago but it has changed my face routine dramatically! I use this to correct my under eye darkness and any other dark pigmentation around my face before applying foundation. It’s a definite must have in my opinion!  

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution (shade red carpet red)- This lipstick is such a gorgeous shade of red (think Marilyn Monroe). The non drying matte formula is the selling point for this lipstick, oh and we can’t forget about the rose gold packaging! 

Mario Badescu Aloe and Rosewater Facial Spray – This spray is amazing, it instantly refreshes your face during the summer time and helps hydrate your face during the winter time. Also a staple when flying! 

Qtica Nail Growth StimulatorI am a nail biter (mostly when I’m nervous or stressed) so I go through periods where my nails look that of a 8 year old boy but, this product has helped my nails growth tremendously. 

Smashbox Photofinish Pore Minimizing Primer – I discovered this primer in the beginning of the year and it has replaced my Benefit Porefessional. I feel that it really smooths out my pores around my nose and cheeks and doesn’t leave a residue. 

Maybelline FIT Me ConcealerI was actually surprised at how much I loved this concealer. It’s a bit more fluid than what I would normally go for so for that I like it on lighter makeup days. The coverage is great and the price is even better! ($8.99). 

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion – I was in need of a new moisturizer and my roommate recommended this one to me. I really love the consistency (not too thick not too watery). It also has SPF 30, a great two in one! 

Those were all of my favorites during 2015! What were some of yours? 

We are looking forward to sharing more content, giveaways and interacting with you all this year. Here’s to a great 2016!

xx, Gwen 

Breakups to Makeup/Smashbox

This past weekend I attended an event hosted by Sephora at the Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City. Smashbox cosmetics was there doing makeovers and demonstrating new products. I of course jumped on the opportunity to get my makeup done by one of their artists. I learned some new tricks on how to create a cat eyeliner (God knows I needed the help).
The creator of “Breakups to Makeup“, Angelique Velez was also there. Angelique launched Breakups to Makeup in June of 2013 with the intent to spread this message: “makeup serves as a creative outlet to those applying and livens the spirit of those wearing it” I couldn’t agree more!. Angelique has quickly made a name for herself with a bunch of fun merchandise. She is well-known for her catchy slogans such as “loved raised me lipstick saved me”, “I would cry but my mascara is designer” and so many more! Angelique was gracious enough to let me ask her a few questions about her brand:

Gwen: What inspired you to come up with “Breakups to makeup”?
Angelique: A few years back I went through a terrible breakup, but the only thing that enabled me to get out of bed was makeup. I have been a makeup artist for many years and I found comfort in knowing that I was getting out of bed to not only make myself happy by putting on my favorite lipstick but also because what I did made others happy as well.
Gwen:How do you come up with your slogans?
Angelique: My slogans come to me through day to day life experiences, for example one day I was getting my nails done at the salon and I thought wow I am totally useless right now (my nails were of course wet) which was when I came up with the “I’m only helpless when my nails are drying” slogan. I also like to carry a journal with me to jot down whatever pops into my head.
Gwen: What advice would you give to someone who is an up and coming artist/entrepreneur?
Angelique: I would say to listen to your heart and keep going. Not everyone is going to understand your path but its ok don’t listen to them, you’ll find your way.

The lovely Angelique and I

IMG_7046 (3)

Here are the goodies I picked up from her collection as well as some Smashbox goodies.

IMG_7127 (2)

Angelique will be at the Orlando Makeup show next. Go check her out if you’re in the area, you know Ari will definitely be there!

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