Color Correcting

Color Corrrecting is all the rage these days as many brands have recently launched their own shades to help with problematic areas. I’ll start off by giving you a quick overview of how each color is meant to enhance your skin.

Orange: Corrects dark circles and deep discoloration

Green: Corrects redness from pimples, acne scars or widespread redness such as rosacea.

Purple: Corrects dull skin as well as yellow spots by neutralizing 

Pink/Peach/Salmon Shades help to brighten an area and mask signs of fatigue.

Yellow Corrects purple/blue veins, bruises etc. Good for evenning out skintone.

Now that we’ve got that covered I wanted to talk about the two colors I recently purchased and my thoughts on them. I purchased the Sephora Collection Bright Future Color Correctors ($14) in the Green and Melon shades, (Green once again is for redness and the Melon shade is basically a darker hue of peach helps promote brightness under the eye area). I will say that I really liked the melon shade but the green shade did nothing for the minor redness I have. They both have thin consistencies which make them great to blend, but I find that the green one is a bit too thin and it sort of looses its pigmentation once you begin to blend it. It barely covered any of my redness even while adding a second layer. The Melon shade did not eliminate all darkness under my eyes but it did cancel some of it out and really gave my under eyes the “awake” look.


  I like to apply the correctors with the applicator and blend them out with my fingers or either brush shown above.

Top Brush: Zoeva #110 Face Shape Brush

Middle Brush: Real Techniques deluxe crease brush

Third Brush: Zoeva #142 Concealer Buffer Brush

I hope this post was helpful for those still a bit confused about what color correcting really means. Note: Correctors aren’t necessarily a must have item for everyone, all depends on your need for it.

Till my next post,

Gwen, xx

Hot new shit (drugstore edition) 

The drugstore is a bad place to be when you’re just “looking” around. During my trips to Target, CVS and Ulta, I spotted a few new products. My eyes would literally light up every time I saw the word “new”. Here are the items uI brought home with me… 

From left to right: Garnier SkinActive Micellar cleansing water, Essie Gel Setter top coat, Maybelline Master Precise Skinny eyeliner, Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal bar, Pixi Glow Tonic exfoliating toner, Maybelline Lash Sensational luscious mascara, L’Oreal Brow Stylist definer and Real Technique Miracle Complexion sponges. 


So far I have only tried the Garnier Miceller water, the L’oreal brow stylist definer and the Essie gel setter. The Garnier Micellar water is gentle and removes all of my makeup without any stinging or burning, also it does not leave any residue. I don’t have a firm opinion on the L’Oreal brow stylist yet (I need to apply it with a full face of makeup. And lastly the Essie Gel Setter is a no light gel like top coat. I absolutely love it! My nail color has lasted for about 5 days without chipping!

I would be more than happy to review any of the other products as well, any one in particular you guys would like to know more about? Let me know in the comment box down below.

I’m really excited to try the rest of these products (especially the real techniques sponges) and cannot wait to report back to you all! 

Find these items at,,,, along with any other drugstore in your area.

xx, Gwen 

L’Oreal Stylist Brow Plumper 

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again “I need full and thick eyebrows”! It’s so hard to grow them out especially in the summer where covering them up with bangs isn’t really an option due to the sweltering NYC heat. A few months ago I tried the Maybelline Brow Drama, but as I stated on my post I wasn’t a huge fan of the brush and felt that it didnt distribute any color on my brows. As you know this makeup addict will continue the search for the perfect product… In comes L’Oreal!

L’Oreal stylist brow plumper is a fiber infused gel which adheres to the brow hairs creating a fuller but natural look. The mascara like wand fills in the sparse areas for an even coating throughout your brow hairs. First you start off with clean brows. Then work the wand in upward strokes following the shape of your natural hair. Comb through to blend and voilà your brows will begin to appear plumper.


I still love to fill in my eyebrows using pencils but for days when I’m in a rush and can’t take the time to sculpt and carve them out the L’Oreal stylist brow plumper is the way to go! I purchased my first one while in London and was hoping that it would be available in the U.S as well. Just my luck I found it at my local Rite Aid a few days ago. Medium/Dark was the shade I thought would suit me best.

Hope you all enjoyed this mini review. What are some of your favorite brow enhancing products?

Until next time!

xx, Gwen

Mac “Stone” Lipstick

Having been a cult favorite for some time now, Mac cosmetics has finally come out with some of their signature lip pencils in lipstick form. The color “Stone” is a sexy matte greyish taupe brown that is so on trend right now! This color is muted on its own for everyday use or can be vamped up with some gloss on top for a sexy night transition. I personally would not wear it unless I had a full face just because it makes my skin tone look a little sickly on its own. With a nice highlight and blush, cat eye and bold lashes this lippie is sure to call everyone’s attention. Check it out on Mac’s website or try it on in store! Link down below.




Mac “Stone” Lipstick

Toodles, Ari

Sunglassspot Sunnies

As many of you may have caught on already the hype about is too real! This awesome website features designer inspired sunglasses as well as fun decorative sunnies for the climbing temps! At only $5.00 a pair you cannot beat the quality or design. You can change up your look every day and protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun while always staying on trend! The following picks were a combination of mine and my sisters. The plan was to each get three and now that we’ve received them, we want more! Check out how my picks look on my face below and make sure to check out the site for more stylish options.

sunglassspot, sunglasses, sunnies, cat eye, designer, celine dupe

sunglassspot, sunglasses, sunnies, cat eye, designer, celine dupe

Sharp Rimless Bottom Clear Lensed Cat Eye


Round Metal Trim High Pointed Tip Cat Eye Mod


Retro Round 50mm Pearl



“Primarni” shoe palooza!

I’m sure you all know by now that I am obsessed with Primark, or should I say “Primarni” (Londoners combine Armani and Primark giving the indication of just how un-designery the store is). I’m not one who fusses over labels, especially when it comes to buying seasonal trendy pieces, which is why Primark is my go to! 

During one of my recent trips I noticed that they have a “wide fit” shoe section which made me jump for joy! I often have issues finding shoes that fit the width of my feet (I basically have flinestone feet, no judgement please). Now I’m not sure these shoes will last all an eternity but for the low price tag they are perfect for a season or two. Here’s a closer look at the three pairs I picked up…


  These black ones will be perfect for a night out (I’m not a huge fan of 5 inch heels) or pair them with a cute midi skirt, at only £12.99 you can’t go wrong!

  I think these tan ones are my favorite! These “tenners” (£10) feel incredibly comfortable and are just so easy to throw on with pretty much anything!

 These baby pink flat sandals are absolutely adorable! They too are a pair you can wear with jeans, skirts and shorts! These babies were only £7.99!

As I mentioned before these might not be an investment for your collection but hey for some fun pairs of shoes to strut around in during the summer time I think they’re worth it!

(I would link these for you but Primark does not have a shopping option online, head out to your nearest one!) 

Till my next shopping adventures! 

xx, Gwen

Colour Pop LBB Lippie

On my recent trip to London to visit my sister Gwen, she gifted me this awesome Colour Pop lippie! This brand is all the rage now and with good reason. The products are so pigmented, affordable, a great color range for all skin tones and they don’t test on animals! I mean could it get any better? The packaging is clean and straight forward. I wanted to share a couple of lip swatches to show the great color pay off and how cool the product really is. This rich plum wine color featured is called “LBB” named after the creator and blogger LittleBlackBoots. It is a matte finish but not drying at all and glides on easily. Below I show it “as is” and with gloss over. I also love the personal touch of the post card! This seems like such a great company and Im excited to see more from them.


I added a slightly nude gloss on top and the lighting is different in this photo. It just goes to show how versatile and pretty this color is!

I added a slightly nude gloss on top and the lighting is different in this photo. It just goes to show how versatile and pretty this color is!


LBB matte Lippie

Brows on Fleek

If you’re someone who’s all about makeup I am pretty sure having perfect eyebrows is at the top of your list. I personally would much rather have a nice full set of brows (very Cara Delevingne esque) but hey beggers can’t be choosers right? Which brings me to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. This guy is my ultimate holy grail! Whether I want to go all out “brows on fleek” mode or I want to keep them au naturale looking this tiny little pencil gets the job done! Being the makeup enthusiast that I am, I could never cease to search for other amazing products, which brings me to the Soap and Glory Archery pencil. Holy moly this is basically the same product as the Anastasia but at a more affordable price (Archery: £8/$12 vs. Brow Wiz £15.50/ $21). Here’s a side by side comparison of both.

Left: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the shade Dark Brown/Brunette

Right: Soap and Glory Archery in the shade Hot Chocolate

Both have a twist up pencil/crayon on one end and a spoolie on the other.

Left: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz    Right: Soap and Glory Archery

(Please excuse my eyebrows, they are not on “fleek” at this moment but will be soon)

Left brow: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz   Right brow: Soap and Glory Archery

I filled them in pretty heavily in order to see if there is really a difference in shades. I would say the Soap and Glory Archery has a warmer undertone while the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is a true dark brown hue.

If you were to ask me which product is best, I would honestly say they are both amazing! Archery is a bit more budget friendly, you can find it in a drugstore (Boots in the UK carries Soap and Glory’s entire makeup line), it is highly pigmented and blends in wonderfully. The Brow Wiz is one of Anastasia’s best products as its known to glide on smoothly giving your brows amazing definition. You will not be disappointed with either one of them.

Hope you all enjoyed this side by side comparison of products. I love finding dupes and affordable options for us gals looking to save a few pennies. Are there any products you have an amazing dupe for? Leave your comment/suggestion down below! Also if you can think of any makeup products you would like to find a dupe for, leave me a message as well, I would be happy to be of help!

xx -Gwen